#naijalifeadvice 👌Dear single and searching, - Don't check for place of work, check job role. - Don't check for degrees, check intelligence. - Don't check for physical looks, check for complete beauty inside and out. - Don't check for Language skills, check effective communication. - Don't check for finance, check source. - Don't check for Name, check character. - Don't check for gifts, check emotional intelligence. - Don't check for how sweet he is, check for how quick he can forgive. - Don't check for romance, check if he will abandon you when things get tough. - Don't check only for his religion, check for spirituality. - Check how he treats women especially his mother - Don't check for only riches, check for kindness. . . Loud it for parents please, some of them have pressurized some young adults into making bad decisions. . . Loud it for biological clock please, you can still have baby after 40. There is no hurry in life. Check and double check before making any decisions . . If you meet him living with his parents, leave him there, if you agree to be with him in the name of relationship, then stop asking when he is leaving to rent his own apartment. If he was ready, he could have left before or even soon after you met him. . . If he was boarding keke nape before you met him and you want to be with him, stop asking him when is he buying a car or forcing him to take a car loan because your ideal husband must have his own car. It's better to wait for your ideal kind of man than to put up with Mr. Keke nape.. . . If when you met him he was not working, let him get a job before you date him. But once you agree to date a jobless man, stop disturbing him with job search for he is comfortable being jobless. . . Let she dat have ear hear ooo, what's my own sha, I dey my house comman beat me . . #blackmom #motherhood #wizkid #fitness #moms #blackmomsblog #Ladies #motherhoodstruggles #oyinbo #wivesandmothers #nollywood #love #blacklovepages #blackmomskillingit #instablog9ja #africanwoman #africanculture #naijalifemagazine
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#naijalifeadvice 👌Many people are quick to blame others for spending so much on weddings. "3 months to wedding Uncle X: Ah congratulations my boy, you are becoming a man. Well, don't worry about the cow, the might of God will cover that. Big aunty X (Atlanta): Thank you brother mi, I will follow you and even though I cannot buy a cow, I will cover rice and the money for the people to cook. Small aunty X (Lagos): I am not rich like you people o so I will make souvenirs. Mummy Canada: Thank you all, may such joy come your way too. I will cover the cake, it has to be beautiful. I will also cover drinks. ******************************************* A week to wedding Uncle X: Let me send N10,000 to you first, begin with that, let's see how it goes in the next week or so. Big aunty X Canada: "Hi, I am not available at the moment but if you leave your name and number, I would get back to you" Big aunty X (Atlanta): How are you my dear, bawo ni preparations? We are getting ready for your big day, as ba wa layo. Jor dear, let me call you back, I'm at work. Small aunty X: I have made your hand fans. I will bring it with me when I'm coming. Pele my dear. Mummy Canada: How are you darling? I will send CAD 100 to you by Thursday. How is our wife? O kare dear. The agent has not gotten me a flight ticket yet but don't worry, by Thursday - Friday, I will know. . . And when that day comes you will realize how OYO (On Your Own) you are. . . You can't cover it all, but don't depend on those promises, some of them na scam. . To avoid story that touch the heart... . . There are 2 sides to this coin. There are OBOs (omo baba olowo) whose parents "execute" wedding plans for them. And then there are those who have to make it happen. The general advice is this: be true to yourself and your purse. Then be truthful to your spouse to-be. Any other inflow should be extra. You can balance cake and decoration from envelopes and spray money . . #blackmom #motherhood #wizkid #fitness #moms #blackmomsblog #Ladies #motherhoodstruggles #oyinbo #wivesandmothers #nollywood #love #blacklovepages #blackmomskillingit #instablog9ja #africanwoman #africanculture #naijalifemagazine
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