Losing the dogs we had for 11+ years was tough. Life moves on - say hello to Jack!!
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If winter isn’t going to winter, I would love some green on the trees.
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@bfitch24 popped the big question to @makenzreed on the slopes of @cataloocheeskiarea, and she said yes! ⁣ ⁣ He says “We met in an airport over a year ago, then I moved to North Carolina from Iowa in October of 2018! I surprised her up on Cataloochie Ski Mountain with her parents, sister and some of my family! We love skiing and snowboarding so I thought this was the perfect place, which it was!!”⁣ ⁣ Congrats to the couple, and what a perfect spot to take a knee 💍 #haynow
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let’s run free under starlight -butterflies rising
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Happy Hallmark Love Day everyone! 😂 No, but for real— I’m the type of person that uses any excuse to celebrate... pretty much anything! So I love Valentines Day! I wanted to share a tidbit that I think is super helpful to reflect on: There’s this common idea when it comes to partnerships that if every aspect of your dynamic doesn’t flow perfectly at all times, then it means your relationship is in the dumps. For couples where “laying it all out on the table” isn’t consciously practiced, starting the conversation about where things can improve or grow can feel really uncomfortable or scary, especially if it’s met with more fear. Below is an excerpt from my all time favorite relationship and sex coach, @thelaylamartin. She is a goddess, an all around badass, and I recommend her YouTube videos and her courses to everyone. We all need to do the work if we want to grow... also, epic photo by my latest photog crush @chuyphoto ✨ _ "As I shared with you via email, Andrew broke up with me suddenly last fall. We said we’d do a trial period of 90 days of being together with fully open hearts and then see if we wanted to choose to stay together...which just happened to end on Feb 14th. (It will either be the Valentine’s Day from hell or a full party, I said)... So we spent 90 days being fully honest with eachother, crying our hearts out, making love and building a life of true togetherness. It’s Feb 14th and we flew to Paris to celebrate our love. We also decided to do another 90 day trial period - for the rest of our lives - because it gives us a reason to focus and check in every 90 days: Are the person I choose fully with every cell in my being to have the honor of sitting next to me on the stage of my life? Right now, the answer is YES. And we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that May 14th is a yes...because love doesn’t happen to you...you don’t “fall” in love...you choose it and create it and stand up for it every day of your life. Love favors the bold. Happy Valentines Day...May this be a day of magnificent love that you create in every area of your life."
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