"i who have died am alive again today, and this is the sun's birthday;this is the birth day of life and of love and wings:and of the gay great happening illimitabley earth." -e.e. cummings • does anyone else feel like their soul comes alive again with the spring? i can't express in words the bursting fullness my heart feels, which is why i read so much poetry at this time of year. it speaks what my soul cannot find the words to say. happy, glorious, joyous first day of spring! (also, please someone tell me what this tree is!)
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WOOOOO!!! So much has been happening behind the scenes, I feel like a flower bud ready to burst forth with color and cheer! Spring has sprung and I couldn't be more ready for warm weather, sweet smells from verdant fields, longer days, and all of the adventures! Oh, and opening up all the windows, airing out all that stuffiness! I can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks. What's your favorite part about spring? 🌲 Photo by the talented @j_p_morris
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This Friday I set out on my first guided overnight of the season! Day 1 we set out early, beginning with a gentle climb along the Big East Fork of the Pigeon River. After about 3.5 miles and a knee-high, icy crossing, we advanced into the high country along Grassy Cove Creek and eventually onto its ridge before emerging from the tree line to the galax, club moss, stunted laurel, and lichen covered rock near Investor Gap. Arriving at the Shining Rock Wilderness we made our way a couple more miles to the gap to set up camp and eat dinner. . . . @wildlandtrekking #guidelife #wncexplored #optoutside #828isgreat #hikenc #adventureasheville #shiningrockwilderness #pisgahnf #blueridgemoments #bigeastfork #pigeonriver #idhikethat #ncoutdoors
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We’re waaaay overdue for an adventure. This time of year always has us pretty over winter, ready for a break, craving some fresh mountain air, needing a moment away from it all. Can we get an amen?! PREACH. Spring, we’re ready for you!
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