PEOPLE NEED TO LIVE PEOPLE NEED TO CROSS . . Various things can come together to make Calais either a tough, inhospitable and challenging place at one end of a line or one in which things feel more possible at the other. This week the sunshine helped to lift spirits and there was a lighter atmosphere than two weeks ago. Perhaps the reprieve from relentless Brexit news has been helpful. Wild Spring flowers are showing themselves on verges and evenings are longer. . . Deportations from France back to Sudan have increased this year, while this week one was successfully blocked on the runway. The recent demonstrations and activism in Sudan have been widely discussed in the day centre with a radio show on this subject being talked about. Angry feelings have also been aired, including a direct ‘cry for protection’ from refugees to the organisations. . . Graffiti on a roundabout near to the Secours Catholique Day Centre starkly reads: “People need to live, people need to cross”; “open this fucking border”; “borders kill; we die, you lament us”. The much awaited UN report which was launched last week has not brought with it the hoped for action. . . #franceukborder #border #refugee #activism #sudan #deportations #graffiti #hope #socialaction #beingseen #beingheard #calais
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"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank...but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child." (Forest Witcraft) Sponsor a child today, and make the world a better place! Visit to learn more. #volunteer #causes #donate #cha#change #activism #nonprofit #dogood #charity #fundraising #philanthropy #socialgood #socent #impact #impinv #sponsor #givemoretogether #educate #school #honduras #makeadifference #good #help #love #children #education #giveback #change #family #instagood
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Meet Princess, the resident canine carer @liberiachimprescueprotection. Jenny, Jimmy, and Princess have lived in nine countries together, always with the mission of helping wildlife and furthering conservation initiatives. Princess plays an important role as a canine caregiver, providing her “siblings” a lot of fun, setting gentle boundaries, and shepherding them toward empathy and mutual understanding. Please remember that although dogs make brilliant pets, chimpanzees do not under any circumstances!
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This perfect little princess has a devil inside her, but we love her anyway. Isabel has been with us for 5 years now and we have no idea why other than because she is perfect and that scares people. It’s impossible to live up to her standards. The other cats hate her, even her own 2 babies, but again, it’s because she’s perfect. Isabel can be squished and snuggled, held upside down, kissed 1000 times, and she has no reaction whatsoever. She’s soft and silky, fat and fluffy. Divine, really. She does, however, have some secret demons. She hates accounting. Receipts are the enemy. So are Apple products. Two MacBooks later, I bought an Acer to appease her. I relish the idea of her destroying a €300 laptop rather than a €1200 one. Go ahead, fluffy perfect princess, break it. I dare you. Isabel wants her OWN home, and I really mean her own. She’s a single cat who will make sure you know love in a way you’ve never imagined. Isabel will warm your lap and pillow, possibly push your computer off a table or pee on the keyboard, and then let you squish her fat tummy until the cows come home. She’s nearly 7 years old now and wants to spend her second half of life with a family of her own. Can you be her new mom or dad? Isabel can be adopted in Hanoi , Saigon or abroad. She’s up to date on her vaccinations and can be microchipped tomorrow if you want her for your new lap warmer. We have a possible flight to Vancouver in 2 weeks for rescues, so Canadians, she wants YOU!
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Don’t tell women ”just don’t have sex if you don’t want a baby!!” if you’re not ready to give up that either🤷🏻‍♀️ - Jenna Please follow me: [email protected]_candoit
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Es sind fühlende, leidende Lebewesen wie wir! Sie wollen glücklich sein, wie wir! Sie wollen ohne Schmerz und Leid leben, wie wir es wollen! Sie haben Familien und Kinder, wie wir! Sie schreien vor Schmerz und weinen, wie wir! Bist du ihre Hilfe oder ihr Teufel, du hast die Wahl! Aber sag nicht, du hättest von nichts gewusst! #vegan #activism #animalrights #animalrightsmarch #animalrightsactivism #govegan #veganism #fortheanimals #269 #269life #269libérationanimale #veganeurope #veganfrance #vegandeutschland #veganswitzerland #veganuk #veganinsweden #vegano #veganusa #veganforlife #veganlove #veganiseasy #animallovers #meatismurder #veganfuture #stopthiscruelty #animalsarefriendsnotfood
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Shaking things up a bit! Just posted my first video exposing a mainstream music video for it’s satanic filth 💁🏻‍♀️ Billie Eilish is a satanic witch, and I hope this video wakes her fans up! Link is in bio!
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