Night & day of hiking to be on top of active volcano and to see it from inside. Touch it, feel it. No words or pictures can describe that feeling. Blood, sweat & tears. . . . . . . #volcano #mountain #climbing #activevolcano #trekking #indonesia #bali #demie #mountainclimbing
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Finance Camp 2018 Kagoshima 3.13-15 #kagoshima #shiroyama #sakurajima #activevolcano Had magnificent & valuable chance to present my recent empirical research paper co work with professor Uchida in Japan Finance Association Finance Camp 2018. This year the venue of camp was Kagoahima one of my favorite city in Japan. I remember I visited this city almost 9 years ago when I was exchange student in Kumamoto University but I only remember had a sweet potato ice cream in shiroyama at that time. This time I enjoyed a real Kagoshima Kurobuta and Kibinago sashimi. When it comes to my presentation it was super productive and constructive time for me!!! From the bottom of my heart I appreciate all professors and sponsorships.
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