Lynnspiration 106: Don't be SALTY💁. . Coming to you today from the clearly windy Bonaire! Behind me you can see the salt pans and the beautiful pink salt lakes. . So what better to talk about than the effect sodium has on your lifting ! Most of you might know salt to be "the devil" for causing water retention, which is true if you change up your intake drastically. But if you keep it around the same everyday and drink your water, you should be fine. . The funny thing is when you say electrolytes most people are out here pouring jugs of Gatorade over their heads trying to get them in...and the electrolyte you lose most of working out is sodium 😅. So clearly enough sodium is important and mostly helps against cramping muscles. It might help even increase your indurance and help you be able to properly rehydrate yourself. . So I guess be the right amount of salty and have a lovely and safe weekend😘
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