What do you value in your life? And what’s would bring you the most fulfillment? I’ve been really digging deep into both of these questions. I’ve discovered for me having freedom, flexibility, and influence are things I value and making a real difference in people’s lives is something that would bring me the most fulfillment. I’ve recently began my career (yes career, I’m thinking really long-term!) in social media and online marketing and I’m so excited for the future ♥️
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Grilled peaches & burrata, hand cut fries, radicchio bacon pizza, butterscotch pot de creme... in that order 👅
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Done by @courtneycookhair men’s groomer @chadcookhairsalon
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I love it when we find our voice again! 🎼#singit #abbotkinney #comealive #truefriends #sunday #inspired
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