Jees Louise! Keeping up with these three mamas sure got the rest of us sweating! Today, we walked and chatted about....the decision to and not to breastfeed, the expectations of others, the boldness of others, and owning your motherhood. It was candid. It was real. And it was awesome! #ldnont #motherhood #breastfed #formulafed #whocares #expectations #youdoyou
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T U E S D A Y T R U T H 💫 What if we stripped away everything that isn’t really us but just a byproduct of pleasing everyone around us? ⚡️ What is left of who you are? ⚡️ What do you like and dislike? ⚡️ What’s your favourite and least favourite thing to do? ⚡️ Who are YOU? Every single one of us have moulded ourselves into something we aren’t at some point in our life and if you say reading this not being able to answers the above questions then this is YOUR year to find YOU! 💪🏻 Let’s find the real you as that my warriors is your greatest gift to the world! YOU! 🎁 So from now on commit to yourself and YOU DO YOU! 🙏🏼💚 ______________________________________ #doyou #beyourself #youdoyou #anorexiarecovery #realrecovery #recoveryisworthit #men#mentalhealthwarrior #eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexianervosa #love #eatittobeatit #happy #mentalhealthadvocate #itsoknottobeok #timetotalk #mentalhealth #edwarrior #healthybody #healthymind #mentalhealthmatters #strongnotskinny #happynothungry #brunchoverbones
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Let’s talk mental health!! Yep the thing everyone is talking about which is amazing because it’s so bloody important. Generally I am a pretty happy person who has a shit load of determination to overcome anything thrown at me. And over the past 2yrs I have had a lot of stuff thrown at me. Well I think it all caught up with me... . Things have been going amazingly lately, business is booming, I get to work with the best people and I have some incredible friends in my life as well as my animals. I should be celebrating right? I overcame everything and made something successful. So why have my insides been torturing me for the past month? why have I have been feeling so incredibly low? And why is my self esteem on the floor? This has been going on for weeks on the outside I have been the swan but the reality is my little legs have been paddling hard to keep me afloat and on Tuesday morning it came to a head... . I had a proper anxiety attack and what tipped it off was the most ridiculous thing in the world. The fork I muck out the horses with was covered in mud. That was the key that opened up everything I have been suppressing and it wasn’t pretty. It still isn’t pretty but it needs to recognised... . It’s ok to not be ok it really is. What’s the point of this post? Well the outside view of me to everyone else is that things are bloody wonderful and there really is so much that is but I am not ok. I have shit to deal with and I can tell you now I am not the only one. So the point of this post is to recognise when you are not ok (before the anxiety attack over a muddy fork equivalent) and to be ok with that. As business owners we think we need to be constantly putting on a face, we don’t!! We need to be true to ourselves and our emotions and not suppress the stuff that needs dealing with. I am now feeling much better but I have some work to do to get myself back to myself but I will get there... . . . #youdoyou #entrepreneurlife #businessowner #smallbusiness #authentic #anxiety #mentalhealth #itsokaynottobeokay #burnout #femaleentrepreneur #createalifeyoulove #doyourbest #youareenough #mindset #lookafteryourself #buildanempire #girlboss #liveyourbestlife #dreambig
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Hello Spring...and now just days until @denverfashionweek Also time to make sure you’re ready for Spring Style with all the things to keep you warm or cold! Shop local, sport local fashion, you do you! Love a jacket to keep me warm when the office temperature remains chilly yet it’s warming up outside 🧥☀️#dressthewx #jacket #inspyreboutique #springstyle #wearitwednesday #shoplocal #den#denverfashionweek #youdoyou #tvstyle #amnewsers #warmandcold #cowx #denverfashion
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It’s tricky isn’t it? Especially when many businesses thrive on social media, you constantly are consuming yourself with what everyone else is doing. Social media in itself can be a full time job, if of course you want it to be. Answering messages, comments and trying to post relative content is exhausting sometimes. And I for one, have realized over the last several months...that social media is not my priority. (I love you guys, don’t get me wrong!) But if I have something to say, then I’ll say it. If I wanna post a ridiculous story, I will. If not, okay then...if ya don’t like it...that’s fine, but I try to longer have Instagram consume me. Even though it can be tough with all the pressures of social media...I encourage you to stay true to yourself and remember why YOU got started. Rock YOU. And don’t let that person 8 states away kicking butt make you feel any less than you are! . Who can relate? 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #youdoyou #socialmedia #bosslady #girlboss #smallbusinessowner #momlife #momboss #buckscounty #lehighvalley #forgetaboutthem #selfconfidence #youareawesome
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Do you feel lost in life? Maye it happened while raising babies. Or while being the caretaker for another family member. You’ve been putting everyone else’s needs and happiness first, at the expense of your own. And now, you don’t really know who YOU are outside of your “roles” as wife, mom, caregiver, professional, etc. I mean, who has the time or energy for that? Basically, you’ve lost passion, purpose, and direction and you’ve stopped dreaming altogether. BUT what if I told you that it does NOT have to be that way? That you could find a way to fit in time and energy for YOU again? Let’s say you could follow a four-step process… And become empowered to live the life you LOVE!? And you start living your life in a state of empowerment… You focus on creating positive thoughts, positive habits, and feeling fulfilled again!? I went from feeling lost, stuck, and unfulfilled to living a life I love and am obsessed with! And YOU can too! I am going to show you a proven, 4 step process that will get you back to YOU again! You will learn how to ignite your vision, mind, and habits to live a life empowered! Register for the training “Ignite Academy” now! Click the link to register >>
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