Rain or shine, I support my friend Senator Josh Newman against this bogus recall. Be sure to vote NO on the recall on June 5th! #ResistTheRecall #wevegotJoshsback #lifeinthe39th
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Working this morning to #MaulTheRecall for our great state senator Josh Newman! There’s nothing better than getting out there to knock on doors and talk to people directly about the issues that affect them. Don’t forget to vote NO on the recall next year! #SD29 #CD39 #NoOnTheRecall #WeveGotJoshsBack
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Long Beach Young Democrats Have Josh's Back! They are one of our many organizational partners for tomorrow's Young Progressives Day of Action. We'll see you there! #WeveGotJoshsBack #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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Look who dropped by today! @uci_democrats paid us a visit to knock on doors and get out the word about this underhanded recall. From veteran canvassers to concerned students knocking their first door, they did amazing work. Looking forward to hanging with our Anteaters and other future leaders at our Young Progressives Day of Action on Saturday, October 28th! #MaulTheRecall #WeveGotJoshsBack #ThisisHowWeWin #NewmanForSenate
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Yesterday, we submitted our last batch of rescind cards. To every volunteer who has swung by after work to make phone calls or gotten up early on a Saturday to knock on doors: Thank You. Because of you, we are more than a campaign. We are a community. You've informed voters throughout SD29 about the misleading effort to recall State Senator Josh Newman, and you've helped thousands reclaim their names from the petition. Whatever comes next, we know we can count on you to do what it takes to #MaulTheRecall. #WeveGotJoshsBack #DontGiveUpTheSeat #NewmanForSenate
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Currently being treated like a king with @cheyinator in the suite at #drpepperpark ! 1st inning and we've already seen a Joey Gallo homerun. #wevegotjoshsback #thatwasamammothblast #frisco #roughriders #midland #rockhounds
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