To all fathers: those that are, those who soon will be, and those who are on the path towards fatherhood, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day! . . #fertilityyoga #fertilityjourney #ancienttools #neuroscience #fathersday #fatherstobe #familybuilding #weseeyou #youarenotalone
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The following words were written by a dear friend of mine. I could not have said this better myself. Thank you, Megan Benton, for letting me share your words with others. “I've been contemplating this all day (and the better part of 34 years) and after reading so many posts today (both positive and emotional), here's my thoughts. Before I met Justin, Father's Day was always a hard day for me. I've never met my dad and he was never interested in meeting me. I'm honestly not even sure if he's still alive. I used to think I was missing something really special (and social media really kicks that up a few notches for some of us, for sure) but watching the joy Justin gets from Liam each and every day, I realize that absent dads miss out the most. To you single moms acting both parts, grandparents stepping in to raise grandchildren, single dads forced to make excuses for absent mothers, step-dads, and everyone else who is trying to better the life of a child (or adult), we see you. You are strong and important. Don't give up. To all the fatherless children, whether by choice or circumstance, or those with strained relationships, we see you, too. Today may be a difficult day, and that's OK and honest and understandable... but someone out there loves you. Don't give up on them. To fathers who feel like they aren't fathering well enough because they didn't have their own, you're present. And you're trying and loving the best you can. That's what matters. Don't give up on yourself. To children of all ages missing their great, strong, supportive, loving fathers or father figures who have passed away, may those memories you cherish help get you through today and every day. And, of course, to those present, especially my husband, thank you for helping to raise beautiful children who may some day grow to be fathers or the loving constant in someone's life. We see you, too. And we thank you. Happy Father's Day.” #fat#fathers/a> #fathers #parenting #wisewords #weseeyou #happyfathersday #dad #daddy #papa #singlefather #singledad #singlemom #fatherless #parents #presentparent #the#thewholehartlife #thewholehartlife
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Happy Father's Day to all the Kings doing what their supposed to be doing tirelessly, without complaints or thank you. #weseeyou #loyaltyraisesroyalty
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