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Bess Byers, also known as Cannabess is a Seattle-based cannabis photographer and founder of Blaise Creative. Before she stepped into the world of cannabis, she received a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Mandarin in Chinese, lived overseas in China for a year and started a political nonprofit to educate millennials about the national debt in Los Angeles. After four years in the City of Angels, Bess was ready to take her life to the next step. The original plan, move to Washington D.C. for a great political opportunity. About a month before her move, her friend who owned a grow in Washington state made a better offer. "Well, I like pot more than politics and so does everyone else. Pot is still very political and beneficial to the economy. I like Washington state more than Washington D.C. so Washington state here I come," states Bess. She worked at their grow for a year and helped with everything from startup duties all the way to sales and marketing. From there she worked in at a digital marketing agency and an international cannabis company. As of January, she officially started her own company where she works with companies she really believes in. 📷 @mandeerae
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Happy Wonder Woman Wednesday💖 I believe life experience is the greatest teacher, but only for those willing to learn. I am far from perfect, I have made many mistakes and I will make many more. However I can proudly say I never make the same mistake twice! Live your best life ever, have fun, don't be afraid to make mistakes.💖 Don't let a mistake define you learn your lesson get your blessing and be perfectly YOU #WWW #HerSheMe #IamHerSheIsMe #WeArePhenomenal
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If you could offer one nugget of wisdom to individuals around the world, what would it be and why? Johanna, founder of @mar_y_lana: Don’t wait for things to be perfect. Do the best you can and move on! 📷 @kat_reynolds
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I am constantly inspired by Nià, all the work she has/is doing with @happyfroday and @gowiththefrotour and her journey with chopping of her locks. 📷 @evahaftmann
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Another stunning photo by Natasha (@deanastacia)✨ Model: @alexgharper HMUA: @purpledivo Lighting: @darrin__bush
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Desert born and raised, fashion photographer Natasha Wilson has had a mutual passion for art & travel her entire life. Inspired by culture and each location’s color palette, she hopes her unique perspective flows vicariously through her photographs and transports the viewer into a dream-like world. Her process usually includes painting her own hues over her images and reducing the color palette to a cohesive blend of hues. #wearephenomenal 📷 @rextraterrestrial
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Where/how do you seek inspiration for your projects? Natasha: I’m inspired by people who speak their truth and shrine through individuality. I find a lot of faces, creatives and designers on Instagram that inspire me daily. I also gain a lot of inspiration from color theory and art mathematics (rule of thirds, etc). 📷 @deanastacia
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