🏆An eve of champions 🏆 “I survived being tangled up in the belly of the beast... We rose above that and made it to this point right now. The Championship.” - #MeekMill #WallOfChampionships #SpotifyFansFirst
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‪Today's the day! Who will be next on the Wall of Champions? #TagLikeYouMeanIt‬
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The winners of this Sunday's laser tag tourney will each receive one of our new t-shirts in addition to another prize! What's so special about these shirts? They double as coupons! $10 off a laser tag game when shirt is worn + $5 off for up to 4 friends.
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Exploring the amazing campus and athletic complex of the University of Alabama for the first time. Even though I'm not a #Bama fan, very impressive campus. #alabama #crimsontide #wallofchampionships #rolltide #exploring
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