Okay real talk. This is not the best photo HOWEVER I NEED U TO LISTEN TO ME this carrot cake from @theshopsatjonesfarm is hands-down the best carrot cake in the HV. Even if you THINK you’re not a fan, I used to work here (get to know me tag coming soon??) and customers would tell me time + time again that even though they weren’t fans of carrot cake, they LOVED this one. (If you’re a Cosmio’s fan, this is where they get their carrot cake from!) Stop by Jones Farm in Cornwall to get yaself a cupcake, a round cake like this, or call ahead for a double layer, quarter sheet, or half sheet..because y’all are gonna want this for ya next birthday/communion/graduation/party ok I’m done
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#upstate summer is a perfect tasty affogato under air conditioning 🌟🔥⚡️ #ithaca #allscreamforicecream
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Come kick off #MDW 🇺🇸with sounds from @greggroovez tonight!
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We had some fantastic donations of artwork today for the 3"X3"X3" at Arlene's exhibition and fundraiser. Call for artwork is open until June 16th so there is plenty of time to participate. Don't forget to check out the opening of the 3"X3"X3" at Arlene's on Thursday, July 12th, where all work will be displayed and sold for $10 each to raise funds for the #AlbanyCenterGallery (ACE). It's going to be a great time.
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