New recipe cards available in-store, ideal for Turnbull’s Minute Steaks #bbq #minutesteaks #beef #england🇬🇧 #Turnbull’s
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David Annesley will be included in the forthcoming exhibition ‘New Generation Sculpture’ at @tate Britain. His work will be shown alongside Michael Bolus, Phillip King, Tim Scott, William Tucker, William Turnbull and Isaac Witkin. The exhibition opens on 25 June. Image: David Annesley, ‘Godroon’, 1966 ------------ #davidannesley #scultpure #tate #tatebritain #annesley #turnbull #exhibition #newgeneration #mcalpine
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"La vida de los perros es demasiado corta. En realidad, el único defecto que tienen". Agnes Sligh Turnbull A 6 meses de tu partida mi Prin! 🐾🐾♥️ #turnbull #schnauzer #dogs #dogslover
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Can you imagine what would become of our society if journalists and whistleblowers faced 20 years behind bars for exposing grave breaches of international law by our government? That’s the authoritarian future we’re facing if the Turnbull Government, together with the Labor Party, manages to ram through its new anti-democratic national security laws. Our democratic rights are worth fighting for. The Turnbull Government is on the verge of passing draconian new laws that criminalise some forms of peaceful protest and exposing breaches of international law by our government And with the Labor Party's support, it could be a done deal as soon as next week. Had these laws been in place 15 years ago, the hundreds of thousands of us who took to the streets to protest Australia's involvement in the Iraq war could've faced 20 years behind bars. Equally terrifying, if these laws pass unamended, it will be a crime to expose instances where the Australian Government has breached international law, threatening journalists and whistleblowers with heavy prison sentences.It would be a devastating blow to our campaigning on issues such as Adani, refugees and dodgy trade deals like the TPP. If we're to stop these attacks on our most fundamental democratic rights, we need to turn up the pressure fast. Can you add you name to the petition calling on both major parties to amend this dangerous legislation? #law #petition #australia #turnbull #govenment #picoftheday #people #vegan #politics #humanrights #news #reporter #rally #help #photography #photooftheday
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