Honoured to be officially endorsed by @dwdrums ! . . Thank you very much to @daddarioausdrums for assisting me through the process 🥁 This DW Design Series Clear Acrylic Kit sounds and looks incredible ! . Thank you also to @david_ulucay at @skymusicdrumshop for assisting me with the purchase of this amazing drum kit! 🙏 . . 📸: @dionfountasphotography
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@mitchos_da_menace - Still West . . Apartment Balcony Drum Video 🏙 . Thrilled to announce I will be performing ‘Still West’ on the 30th of October at @theoxfordartfactory with Mitchos Da Menace hosted by @swankyarray 🥁🎤🔥 . This track which has had over 630K views on YouTube and is making moves within the Aussie Hip Hop / Rap scene. Mitchos’ hard working attitude and determination to succeed is illustrated in all of his songs 😊🤘 . I am also privileged to say I have now been endorsed by @dwdrums ! Thankyou very much to Jared from @dad@daddarioausdrums for guiding me through the process. Such an honour! . . 🎥: @murkdoutmedia 👕: @ichpig . . Endorsed by @eva@evansdrumheads, @daddarioausdrums, @big@big_sound_percussion, @infernomusic, @trx@trxcymbals, @cym@cympad & @spi@spinbal Instagram - @BivianoDrums Facebook - Biviano Drums YouTube - Biviano Drums Studio Equipment - @evansdrumheads @big_sound_percussion @trxcymbals @cympad @spinbal @shure @drumkubes @bigfatsnaredrum @drumlite 💡 . . More exciting news and drum covers to come 🥁
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Look at this set up! 😍 I want to give a shout out and a huge thank you to these great companies @lpmusicofficial @trxcymbals @ludwigmusser @vaterdrumsticks for the amazing drums/gear/cymbals/sticks, and their constant support during my tour with Childish Gambino. Wouldn’t have played it any other way! #percussionist #drummer #childishgambino #latinpercussion #vater #trxcymbals #ludwigmusser #drumhead #drumgear #thisisamerica #danimarkham #music #acl #coachella #msg #madisonsquaregarden
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Back to the studio tomorrow to track the 3rd song on our upcoming EP! #dru#drummernstagram #drummer #drums #groove #groovy #grooving #stu#studio #studio #recordingstudio #tracking #trxcymbals #asseenincolumbus #columbusohio
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