Women crush Wednesday to one of my favourite dancers @bri@brianna__rios 😘! I had the crazy idea of competing with her in the heats after never dancing together ! Thank you for being part of my impulsive decisions ! Repost from @brianna__rios using @RepostRegramApp - ♪ ᎬᏞ ᏚᎪᏴᎾᎡ ♫ [[Taking 2nd place in the Professional Salsa Heats with @marioa_c ]] . Our first dance together happened to take place during competition💁🏽‍♀️🏆...🇨🇦🇺🇸 . #TakeRisks #ChallengeYourself #WorldChampions #MarioAcosta #BriannaRios #FirstDance #WorldSalsaSummit #WSS18 #Latin #Dancers #Salsa #Freestyle #Latinos #Canada #USA #NewYork #Miami #thisishowwewin#gay#instadancer#instahomo#instagay#gayboy#gaypride#dancer#latinodancer#iggay#australia#wcw
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Ever heard the expression nice guys finish last? LETS PUT AN END TO THAT. Way too often good hearted people with strong morals allow their beliefs to overcome their desire to succeed. Way too often well wishing people prioritize some one else’s happiness or step aside to avoid jealousy hurting others feelings etc. Nice guys have a bad reputation when it comes to success because they often sabotage their ability to do well to internally avoid conflict with their morals. Some confuse confidence with ego mania some would prefer to see themselves work hard for it rather than receive it. Some just want to enjoy their discipline rather then owe anything to talent or natural ability. My dear fellow humble, kind, loving people; succeed and live your dreams! Look inside yourselves figure out what’s most important and then understand that when you reach your goals it is easier to do good in this world. Easier to be kind humble and loving. When your dreams are a complete reality it’s much easier to be selfless and care for others. Being exactly where you want to be is your confidence that will fuel your ability to help the next person, your ability to never envy or have battles with your moral standards. You owe it to the world to fill it with good role models and every day you step aside for some one less than, you deprive the world of not just your greatness but also an example of great virtue. We have to love ourselves to better love each other. You deserve success, the world deserves great role models.
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The ego however is not who you really are. It is your social mask. It thrives on power. The role you’re playing that’s seeking for approval. It wants control because it lives in fear.
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My dearest dancers never forget, as you make progress in the studio you become a new version of you take some time to let your human self catch up to that progress also, embody your accomplishments on and off the dance floor to truly cultivate your craft and expand your humanity.
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The year 2010. The place World Salsa championships. Semi final standings in 3 plAce. Nothing was standing in my way that day. How did we manage to win for the second year in a row, beat the undefeated on2 champion and overcome our semi final standing to reach the ultimate goal and make the dream a reality. Tune in to @gwepa on Facebook today 3 pm eastern time. As we talk about that and so much more. #thisishowwewin #coachk #coachkay #anyakatsevman #worldchampion #twotimes #memories #achievement #dancer #salsa #gwepaaa
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