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Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour photoshoot. Photographed by Kevin O’Connor in 2009. ✨
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Relive Lady Gaga Live at Madison Square Garden in Virtual Reality Available now on the CEEK VR App! Catch her concert in VR on the CEEK VR Headset. Get your CEEK VR Headset from Amazon or Target at Lady Gaga comes alive on the CEEK stage and preforms in front of packed crowd at the Madison Square Garden in Gaga's hometown of New York City. She performs all the top hits from her album, Born This Way, as well as a collection of remixes, special features include concert footage as well as pre-concert and backstage content. Jumping Film (Video introduction) Dance in the Dark Glitter and Grease Just Dance Beautiful, Dirty, Rich The Fame (Contains samples from "Ghosts n' Stuff Remix") Puke Film LoveGame (Contains elements of "Chew Fu GhettoHouse Fix") Boys Boys Boys Money Honey Telephone (Feat. Beyoncé) Speechless Yoü and I Twister Film So Happy I Could Die Paws Up Film (Antler Film) Monster Teeth Alejandro The Manifesto of Little Monsters Poker Face (Includes elements of the "Space Cowboy Remix") Apocalipty Film (City) Paparazzi Bad Romance Born This Way
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The artRAVE was such an experience, I’m so glad that I was able to see Gaga for this tour. ✨
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🥀 “mis canciones son de la re-revolución mi corazón me duele por mi generación If you love me we can marry on the west coast On a wednesday en el verano en agosto” 🥀
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