duniye banayi tune hathon se, mitti se nhi jazzbaton se.. dundtha firr rhaa tere Nishaann.. #blessed . #life #god #durgapuja2019 #thankyougod #blessings #puja #temple
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Playing around with the camera, practice, practice, practice. #passion #photography #portrait #urban #fun #focused #thankyougod #tucsonaz #az
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Another job done by Eliaspaintingcontractor.com #ThankyouGod
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Awe! This right here is the absolute TRUTH!!! Its baffling how certain people live to stock your social media and try to live in your shoes. At some point in my life I will be happily content with there constant need, desire, OBESSION, to be me, have what I have in life and RELATIONSHIPS. As for now I just sit and watch you trying to over shadow ANYTHING I do and honestly I just sit and think is this happening REALLY. What it shows me is how completely unhappy you truly are and with your actions and compulsive need to follow me or one up me just clarifies how miserable you truly are in your life. No one will ever be the same. Were all different have our own lives and pasts. I'm so damn happy to be where I am in life and my life just keeps becoming more beautiful and magical with each new sunrise. It's a new day for opportunities and growth. So watch me soar and fly high with this life that god has gifted me with. People act as if they want to see you change, grow, become successful but deep down there biggest want is for you to stay at the bottom. No this woman each time I fall and get back up I'm stronger, more powerful and most of all UNSTOPPABLE. SO PLEASE GET BACK IN YOUR LANE. AND WATCH ME GROW. ALL YOUR GOING TO WITNESS BY WATCHING ME IS MORE BITTERNESS, RESENTFULNESS, AND MORE MISERY. #LOVEMYLIFE #NOPLACEFORHATERS #ONLYTHEBEST2COME #LOVEMYKIDS #IMMAKINGTHEMPROUD #GODISLIFE #TOEACHTHEREOWN #THRIVING #GROWING #MFUNSTOPPABLE #WATCHME #POWERFUL #THANKYOUGOD
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