Time to invest in myself, Peace Everyone. Love Y'all. #Hiatus #TheFirm #TeamPyro
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Bradley Burns: “I’m really looking forward to Croft, although this will be the first time I’ve raced there. It’s a really challenging and technical circuit with a good mix of fast and slow corners. We’re halfway through the season now so hopefully we can have a solid weekend and head into the summer break with a good result.” . . . . . #BB06 #teambmr #bmracademy #teampyro #cliocup #btcc #croftcircuit
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First off, let me shout out the fam I'm so greatful/loyal to these chicks that wasn't even faithful/have to take the L, the blow was so fatal/fucking with bitches that brought nothing to the table/could of had cake but you rather eat crumbs/messing with a winner but you fucking with bums/i don't know how i dealt with the pain like that/not cut from the same rope cause i don't hang like that/let's make it clear that this is not beef/but cause my last name Cherry, don't think shit sweet/honestly girl i wish we never met/using me for a come up and to have your life set/i move you to the burbs/now you telling me I'm getting on your nerves, how did this occur/You thought i was a sucker, thats what you prefer/but with all those drunk nights, the memory still a blur/had you pulling a new whip, taking all these trips/in the end i ended up with bills and bullshit/bought you jewelry and had you eating well/and the only thing you rather see is for a nigga to fail/bringing back my depression/fuck that a nigga learn his lesson about envy and deception/fuck using my heart when my mind is a weapon/moving on because God giving me blessings/-Pyro #TheFirm #NoApologies2018 #TeamPyro
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Bradley Burns: “We had good pace but I struggled to get a clean lap in qualifying which put us slightly on the backfoot for Race 1. The only opportunities to overtake came at the start as everyone was defending well but I’m happy with two solid results and two wins for the Graduates Cup.” . . . . . #BB06 #teambmr #bmr#bmremy #bmr #teampyro #cliocup #oultonpark #btcc
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July 1st It's On #Power Number One Show To Watch!!!!! I know Season 5 will be lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @50cent @rotimimusic @omarihardwickofficial @josephsikora4 #BestShowOut #GetTheStrap #Ghost #Tommy #Kanan #Dre #TheFirm #TeamPyro
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Lol yeah, no baby momma's, no record, no bs. #TheFirm #TeamPyro
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