As you can see I am going through my clothes because I am so proud to say my leggings which I basically live in outside of work are now a large and not an XL or XXL. It’s been 2 years in the making of not giving up, finding not one workout but two workouts that I love doing, and some amazing healthy products! Diet does play a huge role in our health! It has taken me so long to let so much of the hurt go and hug my inner child telling her that I am strong, her protector, and let her know how loved she truly is. She is a fighter! She never gave up! Most of all she has made me who I am today!!! I love my inner child and what she has been through no child deserves. I’m made a promise to myself December 31, 2019 that there would be no more of the size I was wearing or bigger being added to my closet only smaller sizes. I am living up to this promise to myself! Why? Because I finally believe not only does my inner child but I at 42 deserve it!!! Hug that little person inside holding onto all that hurt and let her/him know you are strong and will protect them, also most of all how much you love this little person. #hea#hea#healthye #healthylife #lov#loveself #takecareofyou #loveyourselffirst #igotthis💪 #healthy #love #body #soul #weightlossjourney #smallersizes #bel#believeinyourself #believe #dream #dreambig
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Something I’ve been focusing more on lately is embracing any opportunity that arises to implement “self-care” - I’m all over it! I think there is an inherent value in making the care for our bodies & minds a priority. It saddens me when people truly believe they can’t take care of themselves. “I don’t have time!” “I have too many things to do, I can’t even keep my head on straight!” I empathize with these sentiments because they are result of a society that values productivity & maximising time & effort. If we lived in Thailand or Tibet or Jamaica, I doubt we would be saying things like that. . I get it’s easy to forget ourselves, but the reality is that self-care fuels us to be our BEST selves. It nourishes our body & soul, helping lubricate our intricate parts to help things run more smoothly. Especially in a society where stress is high, it’s even more valuable to stop & take a little bit extra time in our mornings to help set us up for success. . The truth is that self-care rituals can be as simple as making your bed or brushing your teeth. Most of us practice self-care everyday, we just don’t label it as such. Self-care rituals can be found in many, if not most cultures around the world. Tea ceremonies, prayer, meditation, food preparation, bathing. There is so much universality in self-care, its a wonder we haven’t honed in on it sooner. . Here are 7 morning self-care rituals you can start practicing to help boost your radiance & live a healthy lifestyle. . 1. 🍋WARM LEMON WATER UPON WAKING 2. 🙆‍♀️GENTLE STRETCHING & YOGA 3. 🧘‍♀️MEDITATION, BREATH WORK, GRATITUDE & SELF AFFIRMATIONS 4. 🛏MAKE YOUR BED, TIDY YOUR SPACE 5. 🧖‍♀️A LUXURIOUS FEELING SKINCARE ROUTINE 6. 👅TONGUE SCRAPING & GOOD ORAL HYGIENE 7. GIVE YOURSELF 15-30 MINUTES TO ANYTHING YOU WANT . There’s many self-care rituals you can incorporate into your morning everyday. Here were a few to help inspire a healthful, positive transition to waking. Hopefully, you are able to take 45 minutes of your morning to devote to just you, caring for your mind, body & soul. What are your self-care morning rituals? Has anything been helpful for you to transition from sleep to awake? I’d love to hear them!
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☝Yes. This.👊 Anyone else out there who needed to hear this too?! Life keeps teaching me things. Some days it can be rather hard and annoying, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Teach me universe... my ears, eyes, and heart are ALWAYS ready to receive enlightenment. I can handle whatever life throws at me. I am a survivor. I am strong. I am light. I am constantly growing. I am worthy. 🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹 . #itsabeautifullife #onedayatatime #progressnotperfection #perfectlyimperfect #personalgrowth #mindbodyspirit #mentalhealthmatters #takecareofyourself #selflove #alwaysthestudent #learning #changeisgood
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👀Hey tired mama, worn out wifey...🙋🏼‍♀️ Do I have to give up 🍦ice cream? Do I have to give up 🐂Red Bull? Do I have to give up 🎄holiday treats? Do I have to give up 🍕pizza? Do I have to give up 🥤soda? Do I have to give up ☕️coffee? Do I have to give up 🌮tacos? Do I have to go on a ❌diet? ✨The answer is nooooo✨ 😜 HOWEVERRRRRR 👉🏻 Once you get your Glucose Levels a little more balanced, you will find that your cravings for unhealthy foods will CHANGE... It's just the way the body was created to work! It will blow your mind! It did mine! 😳 Tried a sip of soda tonight and was kinda grossed out! 🤮 There’s PROOF that regulating our blood sugar actually gives our brain self-control over sugar and carb cravings!! (GREAT NEWS for the sugar/carb freaks!!😝) 📉A study by scientists from Yale University revealed that "a drop in glucose levels leads to the brain losing self-control over food consumption!!" #Hangry is a real thing. ✨So maybe you’ll wanna ZAP your cravings the easy way by balancing your blood sugar (Btw, other side-effects include: natural energy, leveling your moods, and fat loss😍) ⚖️Balancing your bod is the most important thing we can do ... Once your glucose levels are more balanced, your cravings are put in ✅CHECK!! And THEN your body sends a message to the brain telling it WHAT it really needs and WHEN!! Fueling your body with what it needs! 💯 #raisingtwinadoes #feelyourbest #takecareofyou #guthealthmatters #balancedbloodsugar #momlife #momoftwins #needalltheenergyicanget #twinboys #mountainlifestyle #wintervibes #springishere #mommyandson
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Can't wait to hit this pose again. I know I just took a vacation to #LA but I need another break from #work, #school, and my #business. Come May I'll be on someone's plane headed to #vacation #2 of 4 this year. You have to take #time to #regroup #destress and #recharge for the sake of your #mental and #physical health. You don't have to #travel far just get away and #relax!
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When you fit into one of those.. "I'll never fit into this sweatshirts" it has just sat in your closet....but not anymore... it's a good feeling!! It's a size MEDIUM... may not mean anything to most but it means so much to ME!! 😍❤😍
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Day 79/80. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of #80dayobsession. Starting again on Monday along with LIIFT4 hybrid 😍#beachbodycoach #beachbodyondemand #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #progressnotperfection #takecareofyou
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