Charming Suzy Menkes wearing violet look in #Marrakech #suzymenkes #beautiful
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It’s always a pleasure to bump into the legendary @suzymenkesvogue 🌈 Few people know as much as she does about the fashion industry and have that amount of diplomacy and patience to put up with it all over the years!🧐🙄😉 #respect #legend #fashion #icon #suzymenkes #saschalilic #fantasia #jadore
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Monarchy Magical & Great Britain. Returning from London, with streets dressed in flags, endless shop displays adorned with little souvenirs all labeled with the young couple’s love & marriage, from tinned biscuits and chocolates, to fizzy alcohol and brooches, had us think of the importance of Monarchy’s role in people’s psychology and their sense of national identity. The issue is controversial. Some articles are pros for the continuation of the dynasty , and share many facts that a Monarchy is necessary. Other articles are against it. But when you are exposed to all this richness, preparations, media obsessed with all the nitty gritty, and all these retail displays, you get totally into that same excited mode. Yet we wonder, what is the need ,us human beings are holding dear to our hearts? Is it our wishful thinking for A Disney fairytale and happily ever after?? a sense of hope to keep one beautiful, colorful illusion and sense of confidence we don’t want to let go of? Do we live in a world that admires perfection even if it’s not real? some call it plastic?! What are your thoughts??? Just thoughts... We didn’t receive our invitation for the wedding personally, but we wish to congratulate the young couple, to share years of love, and hold their authority and power in truthful manner As suites to their country and citizens and to the world to the best way they can. We love London. #monaco #royalwedding #bev#beverlyhills #bazaaruk #philiptreacy #newzeland #norway #luxembourg #canada #netherlands #sweden #menwithexplore #media #princeharryandmeganmarkle #christopherkane #alexandermcqueen #lifestyleblogger #harrods #givanchy #cartier #fortnumandmason #bbc #beverlyhills #worldwide #celebritymagazine #stellamccartney #windsorcastle #travelblogger #britishgq #suzymenkes
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The ‘Language of Luxury’ was the theme of this year’s Condé Nast Luxury Conference. ➖ Our 'Portuguese Story’ pieces were part of a beautiful installation on a special lunch at Verride Palácio Santa Catarina where nine floral sculptures by Filipa Alves (@filipaeomar), Kckliko (@Kckliko) and Pedro Rodrigues (@pedro_d_o_rodrigues) recreated pieces of clothing, footwear and jewelry from national brands and designers. An experience that tried to show the different aesthetic languages of fashion. Powered by Portugal Fashion with Apiccaps and AORP. ➖ Curation & Creative Direction by Pedro Caride from Por Vocação. 🖤
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