no caption necessary 💛 #SundayOnTheRun
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🌱 just hangin with the crew 🤘🏻🌿#SundayOnTheRun
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✨🛸 I promise I haven’t been abducted! I’ve just been taking some time to work on a special someone’s birthday gift that is taking (essentially) decades to make 😩 ... I’m looking at choouuu, @aboyandhisbooks !! . but some other good news: I updated my Etsy shop with lots of made on order embroideries 👽🤙🏻 go check it out! #SundayOnTheRun
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une promenade a lacool et un peu baveuse sur les bords...😙😙🏃🏻‍♂️ #nikosportjadore #sundayontherun #manoetmalock
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✨💅🏻 BACK ON MY BULLSHIT, BACK ON MY NONSENSE 💖✨ . 💭but wait! what does this mean for you guys?! . 🙌🏻 IM OPEN FOR CUSTOM ORDERS IN THE NEW YEAR!✨ . 💌click my profile to send me an email or hit that paper airplane to send me a DM! I’d love to work with you to create something fun for your gallery wall at home | desk cubicle | that someone special . 📖 okay but also - who else LOVED this book as a kid?! it was honestly one of my favourites! #SundayOnTheRun
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✨💊 uh, so I think everyone’s been taking placebos instead... #SundayOnTheRun
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nothing wrong with treating yourself 🌾 (except I essentially couldn’t walk home by the end I had so much stuff) #SundayOnTheRun #IdleHandsOttawa
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