Thankful for @itsjadiel for providing a small clip of our members during the random dance play at #StageK local round in New York. . StageK was amazing and Everyone who participated were talented! I wish good luck to everyone who took part in the competition! . . Though it may be hard to see @_dance.flo_ is in the front slaying the camera, with her pinkish blonde hair and her colorful shirt and @rena.afterglo is in the crowd with a red headband around her neck. . . . #kpop #kpopcover #kpoprandomdance #kpopdance #kpopdancecover #jennie #jenniesolo #solo #yg #kovers #kpoprandomdancegame #kpopcompetition #content #slay #dance
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77개국 세계인들의 꿈을 향한 도전! K-POP 버라이어티 〈스테이지 K〉 4월 초 첫 방송 ⠀⠀⠀ ✔️ We are now in the middle of determining winners of the local qualification round. The process hasn't been completed, so there will be further announcements. ⠀⠀⠀ #stagek #스테이지k #kpopdance #jtbc
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방송인 전현무가 JTBC 새 예능 프로그램 ‘스테이지K’의 MC로 나선다. ‘스테이지K’ 제작진은 19일 “전현무를 ‘스테이지K’를 이끌어갈 단독 MC로 발탁했다”며 “전세계에서 온 참가자들이 K팝 댄스로 한 판 붙는 국가 대항전 프로그램인 만큼, JTBC ‘비정상회담’을 통해 다양한 국가에 대한 문화 이해도를 높였고, 여러 언어 구사능력을 겸비한 전현무에게 거는 기대가 크다”고 밝혔다. 전현무는 한국 본선 무대에 진출한 각 나라별 국가 대표 참가자들의 긴장을 풀어주고, 특유의 흥과 친근함으로 그들이 준비한 모든 것을 펼칠 수 있도록 도울 예정이다. 한국 본선 무대에 오를 참가자 중에서는 전현무를 ‘롤 모델’로 삼은 MC 꿈나무도 있다고 한다. ‘스테이지K’는 전세계 77개국 글로벌 예선을 통과한 본선 진출자들이 K팝 댄스로 국가 대항전을 펼치는 과정을 담는다. 참가자들은 꿈에 그리던 스타 앞에서 자신이 준비한 춤을 보여준다. 첫 회에 출연하는 가수는 그룹 레드벨벳이다. 오는 4월 7일 베일을 벗는다. ---------------------------- ---------------------------- broadcaster Jung Hyun-moo , is going to MC on Stage K, a new entertainment program of JTBC. "Stage K" production team, "I chose Jeon Hyun Moo as a sole MC leading Stage K" on 19th. "It is a national competition program where participants from all over the world make a K-pop dance, so JTBC" Abnormal Talks " I have improved my understanding of the culture of various countries, and I have great expectations for Jeon Hyun-moo, who has multiple language skills. " Jeon Hyun-moo will try to relax the national players' representatives who have entered the Korean main stage and help them to do everything they have prepared with unique and familiarity. Among the participants who will come to the Korean main stage, there are MC dream trees that use Jeon Hyun Moo as a 'roll model'. 'Stage K' describes the process of the national championship with the K-pop dance that the finalists who passed the global preliminaries of 77 countries around the world. Participants show their dances in front of the stars they dreamed of. The first singer to appear is the group Red Velvet. She takes off her veil on April 7th. #전현무 #jtbc #kpop #newprogram #comingsoon #idol #redvelvet #stagek #스테이지k
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Finally posting a clip of my " The Next @hyunah_aa " Performance 😂😹✨ I was so nervous but it was also sooo fun! especially with friends and fellow dancers supporting you in the audience ~ #ThxErr1 There will be a Full Version coming on my IGTV in the future 😼 [Korean Performance Contest/2018] by @koreanpartyfactory
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[190316]⁠ #IRE#IRENE - JTBC ‘#StageK’ filming - © _Haeppie_ #아이린 #레드벨벳 #IRENE #REDVELVET #ReallyBadIrene #RedVelvet_RBB.
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[190316]⁠ #IRE#IRENE - JTBC ‘#StageK’ filming - © BAEBAE329 | baeby | Bae_velvet7 #아이린 #레드벨벳 #IRENE #REDVELVET #ReallyBadIrene #RedVelvet_RBB.
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190315 IRENE - JTBC '#StageK' filming ❤ 190316 SEHUN - NR Fan Festival ❤ #sehun #irene #hunrene #exo #redvelvet #ohsehun #baejoohyun #exovelvet
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