First impressions of @versoskincare 3 Night Cream with Retinol 8. It’s a rich cream that absorbs well. It did feel a bit gritty but that went as I rubbed it in. Left skin feeling great, not greasy. Smells nice too. Retinol 8 is meant to be 8x more affective that standard Retinol but less irritating to skin. My skin looked good the morning after. Definitely considering buying this full size. #spa#spacenkoundersgift #spacenk #verso #versoskincare #verso3 #retinol8 #antiaging #skincare #skincarereview #skincareaddict #30plusskincare
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ENJOY OUR FEATURE FILMS via the link in our @commodity bio 🎥 #CommodityFilms ...Q&A with our world renowned artisans across fragrance, home and body. Each week we pose your questions to the artisans behind your favourite Commodity offerings. This week’s question from Commodity fans: “How does one become a perfumer?” with master perfumer Jerome Epinette (creator of Commodity Velvet) Tag your friends in the comments below and also submit any questions you may have about Commodity for future instalments! #styleyourcommodity #brandfilm #nichefragrance #makeitpersonal #robertet #sephora #sephoraaus #sephoracanada #sephoramx #spacenk #sephorasg #jeromeepinette #fragrancefoundation #fragranceday
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SKIN FOCUS ✨Some new goodies to my collection: 1. @oskiaskincare renaissance cleansing gel - hoping this lives up to the hype. 2. @pixibeautyuk glow tonic - my skin is a little congested lately so I’ve brought this back to help exfoliate my skin daily. 3. @kiehlsuki a lightweight version of a cult classic. My body has been a little neglected & I’ve notices new stretch marks - hoping this will keep my skin in good shape as we move into warmer months.
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Happy Saturday ✨✨✨
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Като притежател на Кларисоник ( изобщо не ми допада, дори най-меката четка е груба за моята чуствителна и суха кожа ) бях скептично настроена за силиконовите четки за почистване на кожа на Foreo. Мислех си, че отново ще имам същия проблем с тях. Покрай Black friday забърсах от един английски сайт най-миниатюрното Foreo ( без зареждане ) за проба и много ми хареса. Появиха се намаления за деня на влюбените и реших да направя подарък на себе си и на моя съпруг по един уред от серията Luna 2 - за чуствителна кожа и за мъже. И двамата сме страшно очаровани. Освен измиващия режим ползваме и анти ейджинг режима. За сравнение с минито, Luna 2 е в пъти ама в пъти по-добро и невероятно. Освен това с 1 зареждане марката обещава около 7 месеца използване без нужда от ново зареждане. . . . #foreo #foreoluna2 #foreoluna2formen #foreoluna2men #foreoluna2forsensitiveskin #foreoluna2sensitive #spa#spacenka> #spacenk #lookfantastic @spacenk @lookfantastic #cleansingdevice #saintvalentin #valentinesday #14february
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Every now and then I find a product that I’m compelled to share it’s that #amazing but this one from @oribe is now in my top 🌵 Desert Island 🏝 must have’s #tryit use a really small amount though🙏 as it’s super concentrated and the shine and flexibility of the hair is #insane put it in your #kitbag its a life saver 💋👌#Oribe we don’t stock it but I love it, #spaceNK do though! 💋❤️😍
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