Chased some elevation tonight with a few hill repeats! 🌞🌳😜👊🏼 #mdtr #hillrepeats
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Take me down the green tunnel any day of week! 🌅🌲🌳🌞 • I realized somehow I lost that fire that burns deep in you lighting the furnace to burn as you push forward. I’ve spent this last few weeks soul searching and remembering why I set out on my journey to 💯 miles. I remembered I set out to challenge myself on something that I once thought was impossible. I lost that motivation and it showed in my last ultra. Well after weeks of some deep soul searching, I’ve lit that spark once more. I’m ready to completely give into the journey. To completely surrender to forces out there. Last year they told me it wasn’t time for the 100 miler. This year they are telling to me go full speed ahead and chase after your dreams. I’m learning that full speed ahead doesn’t mean balls to the wall pace. I’m learning to go forward with purpose, focus, and harmony with myself. Not going against the grain but along with grain. • I have many many many more weeks of training ahead of me. Not all of them will be great weeks and not all of them will be bad weeks. But just like racing, I’ll welcome the high highs and push through the low lows. #findingmyself #soulsearching #lightingthespark #onfire
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Time to tear everything down, rip out all the guts, and leave the studs bare. Time to start at the foundations of running ultras. My training is all about absolute focus on my body, my mind, and my goals of 100 miles. This next 5 months is going to be a great block of hard and focused training. A self-supported 50 miler doing the 4 state AT challenge, catoctin 50k, @twistedbranch100k, and @gobeyondracing Mountain Lakes 💯! Starting over from day one for this. I’m focusing on my endurance by training my heart rate. Runs are slower, longer, but more rewarding. It’s time to find that ultra spirit again and remember how much hard work you have to put in to squeeze some success out. #100orbust #backtosquareone #foundationsofrunning
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