Heard of the “Ball in a Box” analogy for grief?? It’s the perfect way to explain that grief and the sadness and pain that go along with it are NOT linear. Yesterday, I was in complete hysterics as I got ready for work and sobbed to my mom that “I just want him to come baaaaaaackkkkkkk 😭,” missing my dad SO much. Today, I’m fine! AKA: yesterday the ball SLAMMED up against the pain button in the box, but today the ball bounced away from the pain button. Next week it may hit the pain button 3 days in a row, or, it could miss it for 3 weeks straight. You never know, but you learn to manage... kinda. Tag someone who needs to hear about the Ball in a Box! #SSFYL
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HAHAHAFeelingAsTerribleAsYouAreButWeAreCuteForPretendingHAHAHA. Actual encounter from this evening. Thankful for those who understand exactly what I’m going through. It’s moments like these where I don’t feel totally alone in this crazy world. You know who you are and I love ya 😘 #SSFYL
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it is my greatest honor to keep my ghosts alive. Gary, Michelle, Mary, Susan, Albert. Comment the name of your ♥️👻 below. @maisonvalentino @robertmontgomeryghost @modernloss #SSFYL
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When someone you know loses a loved one, it feels like there is *NOTHING* you can say or do to help. Your words won’t take their pain away, but your thoughtfulness will mean the world to them. “Im so sorry for your loss” is a good start, but it’s just the teeny, tiny tip of the iceberg. @hereforyou.co posted this graphic with other things that can be helpful. . MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: “This F*cking Sucks!” . What has someone said to you that has helped?? . #SSFYL
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I moved offices a few months ago, and it did wonders for my mental health. The first picture is where I spend my days now, the second is where my grief journey started. . I was upset that morning because I had to be at work early and also had an event that would keep me out late. “You idiot,” the universe said to me. “You thought that was a bad day? Wait til you see what’s coming.” . My “bad days” went from early morning meetings, to eyes swollen shut every morning from crying. From navigating a demanding media request, to navigating my father’s entire estate. From being so tired I wanted to fall asleep on the floor of my office, to being scooped off the floor of my bathroom by the paramedics because I was paralyzed with anxiety. . Being back in my office would give me flashbacks of the moment I got the call in that very room. More than a year later, I caught wind that we were short on office space. I volunteered myself (and a coworker, God bless her heart) to move offices. Getting the hell away from that office would do wonders for me, I knew it. And I was right. Read more at the LINK IN BIO #SSFYL
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Ideas I’ve had for my hair in the last year and a half: dye it dark, dye it darker, dye it black, dye it pink, oil slick ombré, purple ombré, shave it all off. Thanks to @brittanyh00k and @hair.bysusan, I still have hair on my head. So if you’re having a tough time, DONT DO IT! 😂 @elitedaily . #SSFYL
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It's hard to return to the scene of the crime... every day. I work at the same hospital where my dad passed away. I do have photos of him in my office and the parking sign that hung for him in conshohocken for decades. Sometimes it’s not enough to drown out the bad memories. Every morning I walk down the street where his room overlooked. I pass the parking lot that I stared on to in shock from the waiting room. And some days I find myself in the cafeteria atrium, a place where almost every table has a memory: crying with my best friends, calling my therapist and saying "you're not going to believe this, but my dad had a heart attack," panicking with my dad's best friend and attorney about what the logistics of this situation looked like. I often pass by the Wawa where we went for "fresh air." I walked the streets feeling as though the world was tilting on its side. I was walking upright, but the buildings and the people were swaying before me. Things were in slow motion. My gaze landed on women in work out clothes, men in suits, children with backpacks. How was it f*cking possible that people were just going about their day?! My world was STOPPED. Breaks JAMMED. Panic mode ACTIVATED. It felt totally irrational that there was a whole world outside of my dad's hospital room. READ MORE at the link in my bio. #SSFYL
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Friday Feelz 🎶 A clip from our engagement party where @marcsimon02 and my cousin Michael took over the mic for an epic performance that @calvinharris AND Gary D would certainly be proud of. #SSFYL
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