My favorite kind of night. And I’m loving how soft this Amazon Daily Ritual tunic top is! #puppies #toypoodle #maltipoo #sunset #riverroadpark #walking #nature #dailyritual
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Puppies at the park part 2 #puppies #park #riverroadpark
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Puppies at the park #puppies #park #riverroadpark
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Saturday Sunset at #riverroadpark April 1 is my 29th year living clean and sober. Part1: I thought I would repost last year's sobriety anniversary FB status with a few edits. Much remains the same. I'm still me, I'm still angry about many things, especially the current situations in Wilmington,NC: Toxic drinking water,out of control development, and tree assassins are at the top of my list. But I digress, those problems belong in a lone rant. Good things are on the way for my partner and me. Major changes and again traveling. April Fools Day, and my sobriety anniversary all rolled into one. 29 years clean and sober today and life continues to roll on. Good days, bad days. Gotta keep cruising through. Some days are better than others. One thing is for certain, I'm always seeking solutions. That's something I learned when I first cleaned up. Have problem, seek solution and have some damned gratitude. I certainly didn't get sober alone and wouldn't have made it if it weren't for some hard ass caring women and hard-core Merchant Marines in my life. Those were the people I stuck with in Florida. However, I always go back to Monica,my friend in Memphis. She saved my ass way back in the day. Fast forward to Wilmington and this is where I came across a great group of friends. We called ourselves the Riff Raff. We were the outcasts, the leftover punks. Some of them have left NC and others have died. I miss them. Sure, I've done shitty things in sobriety and I've done a lot of good. That's life. Many of my days are spent in a dark place and most of the darkness stems from the chronic pain that often consumes me. Sill, I keep pushing on; looking for ways to get better. Again, it all goes back to seeking solutions. I fail at living my once awesome spiritual life. Today, I strive to get back there. I like the Pagan ways. Put simply; be kind to the earth and other living beings. Without sobriety, I wouldn't have a thriving business nor would I have been given the opportunities to write for print and online magazines. #sunset #capefearriver #sobriety.#reflection
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At the creek with the kids. River wanted to lead me. #boe#boernes #boerne #riverroadpark #cibolocreek
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