#inst10 #ReGram @danielgracie: #mma all levels class is picking up!!! ATTENTION FIGHTERS, you can also show up for this class, the only thing we don’t do is sparring, but we drill all the positions and situations, like we do at fighters practice
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Me too. I highly recommend #lif#lifecoach/a> so you can clean up all that bloody judgment. (See what I did there?🙈) • • • • #claireyourmind #sarcasm #lifecoach #judgment #judgmentdetox #selfcare #coaching #lifecoachforwomen #regram @sarcasm_only #dothework #theworkworks #showup #ew #gross #fact #me
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What a ground-breaking day! With the new biomedical engineering building underway, we can’t wait to see what all the future holds! ☀️ Stay tuned for more photos! #regram 📸: @chancellorroe #untengineering ・・・ It’s a beautiful day for a groundbreaking in #Denton as @unt commemorates its soon-to-arrive Biomedical Engineering Building at #discoverypark #stem
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Buff cina tanpa jahitan Motif klub bola Harga murah meriah #malabar_outdoor #regram #regrann #buff #masker
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Decal crf @muarifmuktar #regram #repost Thanks for order boss Semoga puas dengan layanan kami @dtxmoto
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✨ FOREVER MOOD ✨ Do you have the momentum to not care what somebody else thinks about what you're doing? 〰 Practice these words with me: I don't care, its just how I am. I like it this way, life is so fun for me. I don't care. I'm sorry you're upset but I don't care. I want your world to be really good but I don't care. I would like everything to go well for you but I cant fix it, so I don't care. "Well I want a divorce then if you don't care." I don't care... "What do you mean you don't care?" Well I don't mean that I don't care about anything, cuz there's a lot of things I DO care about… I care about feeling good, and I care about clarity. I care about being in the receptive mode. I care about being an uplifter. I care about presenting all of myself in any moment in time. I care about being a value, I care about feeling good. I care about this magnificent environment. I care about whats in my vortex. I care about whats in your vortex. I care about everything that you desire. I care about all good things coming to me and to you. I care about us all living happily ever after. But what I don't care about, are conditions I cannot control. What I don't care about are things that take me out of my alignment. What I don't care about, meaning I have no momentum about it anymore. I don't care! I've trained myself to care about what infuses me, NOT what diffuses me. I care about what lifts me, NOT what lowers me. I care about what feels good, NOT about what doesn't feel good. I care about alignment. I care about being an extension of source. I care about fulfilling my reason for being here. I care about being in this world and not necessarily only of this world. I care about the whole of me being present in this moment. I care about the revelation that is constantly coming to me. I care about contributing in positive ways. I care about feeling good, I care about others feeling good. And what I do not care about is that which I cannot control. What I cannot control is everything that is conditional. And what I can control is everything that is unconditional. Because I can control the way I feel. 〰 Quoted from Esther Hicks based on the teachings from #AbrahamHicks 🙌🏼
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