We all have a choice in how we steer our ship. #realtalk I have not always been the best at living into these words. I have lived an unconventional life, especially for a guy with my history. I’m becoming more ok with that now. It’s a process and a practice. It feels lonely at times, sometimes I want to be in a herd. As soon as I’m in there for an hour or so, I’m ready to grab me a zebra - lol. The hunt is on my friends! #live #selflove #selfcompassion #growthmindset #selfmastery #meditation #wordsofwisdom #wordpress
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Eating on a budget (£25 every 5 days) • This is HONESTLY what I eat day to day. I eat like this for simplicity, cost and for the macro/ calorific content. A lot of people only see the glamorous side of the fitness industry and forget to realise that a lot of us aren’t sponsored, aren’t on gear, don’t have big salaries and don’t have all the time in the world for training and nutrition. • I consume around 3-3,500 calories per day with the sole aim of hitting over 220g protein per day. I split my meals in to 4-5 depending on hunger and wether I’m training that day or not. • I sit at a maintenance weight of 88-89kg every day and I train for 12 hours per week and have done for the past 7 months when I decided I wanted to do my first weightlifting competition. • My meals are as follows- Breakfast- 5 eggs, some form of smoked meat, 1 bagel or other carb source. Lunch- tuna and noodles with soy sauce Dinner - around 60-80g of protein from any source plus carbs and something to make it taste good. Snacks - fruit, around 2 pieces per day and 1/2 tub of skyr yoghurt. Intra-workout - any form of glucose energy drink Supplements- 2 scoops of whatever is cheap whey protein post workout and a multi vitamin. • It’s not much. It’s not going to leave you feeling like a health god and it certainly won’t get you 10,000 likes on the gram but it fits my situation as an aspiring future business owner with everything on the line for my future. #realtalk #diet #maintenance #budget #fitness #industry #protein #cheap #meal prep #olympicweightlifting #amateur #business #startup #westmidlands
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#RealTalk FACTS ONLY If Taiwan knows how to check the facts by listening to the other side of the story, why can't rappler and some press-titutes do the same? When I merely shared a Live Video, i got rappler's spotlight because I said nothing and they could easily add drama. (https://www.facebook.com/749190732/posts/10156710401220733?sfns=mo) BUT with this interview in Taiwan National Tv, like sir Jovybev Aquino wrote, no other media party interested. Why? Because for sure, their lies would be exposed and they don't want that do they?
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