Created another eyeshadow look from $9.99! 😍DM me if you want to buy this palette! I will put in an order for you. :) There’s 1 in stock from this seller and I will find more. First come, first serve. 😉 It’s a lookalike of the Urban Decay “Born To Run” palette and after using it a second time around, I really really love it. The formula is different and the packaging is cheaper from the original so, it could retail as a whole other makeup line altogether. And the shipping was really fast! I also have palettes coming in as “Huda Beauty” and “Anastasia Beverly Hills” but they are KNOCKOFFS. Please remember that! I’m unboxing everything on my channel to try them out and see if they’re quality. I’ll let you all know in case you want to buy for yourself. It’s really nothing like the high end company’s but the price point is much more affordable which is why I‘m rolling with it. If only they took off the labels and names, it’d be a great product of itself. I have a personal service fee if you purchase with me via PayPal: $20. (All palettes will be $20.) But if you don’t want to go through me, you might be able to get it from another buyer. *U.S. Only* Thank you! 💋
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