Democracy is good exercise, and it's important to stay hydrated! We had a great time handing out water bottles to today's marchers. Let's keep marching, all the way to the polls! #WeMarchWithWomen #NewmanForSenate #OurChoiceOurVoice
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Nothing to see here. Just sitting on top of a pub bike repurposed to look like an excavator to highlight Senator Josh Newman's dedication to repairing our state's neglected infrastructure. You know, work stuff. #NoOnTheRecall #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate @newman4senate
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Anaheim, meet the Excavator. Today, Senator Josh Newman went out to see his constituents in style. We pedaled through the streets by Edison Park, knocking on residents' doors along the way. We had a great time and turned some heads, but we were there for a reason: to let voters know who their Senator is and to vote #NoOnTheRecall. Join us on our next trip out by visiting, or messaging us directly! #Excavator #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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Happy Thanksgiving!馃崅We are beyond grateful for our diverse and dedicated community of volunteers and supporters. It's because of you that we've been able to reach so many voters and let them know that Senator Josh Newman stands for them. And we'll have you to thank when SD29 votes #NoOnTheRecall to keep Josh in the Senate. Our office will be closed for the rest of the week. Let's all spend some needed time with friends and family. We'll be back in next Tuesday, so see you then! #Thanksgiving #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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Young progressives came from all over to knock on doors for our Young Progressives Day of Action. We stand united against the underhanded tactics Republican operatives are using to try to recall Senator Josh Newman, and when we stand together, we win together. #ThisIsHowWeWin #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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Long Beach Young Democrats Have Josh's Back! They are one of our many organizational partners for tomorrow's Young Progressives Day of Action. We'll see you there! #WeveGotJoshsBack #OurChoiceOurVoice #NewmanForSenate
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