50 Cent, No Mercy No Fear. Banks Victory ft. Lloyd Banks, circa N/A. This must’ve came out in like 2001 or 2002, all I know is G-Unit took over the mixtape game and that was the only thing moving. Banks absolutely murdered this track and quickly gained notoriety for some sick punchlines i.e “This shit can get uglier than the Master P sneaker” @50cent @lloydbanks @tonyyayo @djwhookid Peace & Love
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#mood #nomercynofear #nyc I got a M1 in my hand, I'm finna start killin' shit I'm not the nation's new Malcolm X, but I'm militant What, I'm supposed to be scared cause you got a big chest? My four fifth will lift you and your motherfuckin' bench press #gunit #classic #mixtape
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Drop it sha still my shit I remember getting this mixtape I think I still got it at my crib man #50cent #nomercynofear #gunit #classicshit #tonyyayo #lloydbanks #aftermychedda #goodmusic
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