I may have had to drive an hour and half to vote, but it was definitely worth it. #vote #bluewave2018 #resisttherecall #newmanforsenate
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No one could ever say that I did not try everything, and I mean everything to let people know why it is imperative for us to vote NO on the Ridiculous and Unethical attempted Recall of our Honorable and great State Senator Josh Newman. Please don’t fall for the Recall, Just Vote No. #SupportNewman #VoteNOonTheRecall #VoteNoRecall #NoRecall #NewmanForSenate #YallaVote #SuVotoSuVoz
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Don’t forget to Protect your Vote and Vote No on The Recall. #ResistTheRecall #PledgeToVoteNo #OurSenator #OurVote #OurSeat #NewmanForSenate
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Today, our community came together. A little rain was no match for the enthusiasm of hundreds of dedicated volunteers who knocked on doors and made phone calls, reaching over a thousand voters in a single day and letting them know to #VoteNoOnTheRecall. A huge thank you to the Senators who joined us from across the state and to every single person who played a part in our amazing campaign kickoff. Remember, when we stand together, we win. #ResistTheRecall #NewmanForSenate
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First day on the internship for these two! Daniel is a college freshman and Gian-Paul is about to start law school. They're both here to make a difference. Apply today at bit.ly/JoshNewmanInternship! #Internship #VoteNoOnTheRecall #NewmanForSenate
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We've got Josh's back because he's got ours. We are beyond grateful for the support and encouragement we received in our fight to #ResistTheRecall and keep Josh Newman in the Senate at this year's California Democratic Convention. We'll be taking that inspiration home with us. #VoteNoOnTheRecall #NewmanForSenate
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