🌎💧Happy #WorldWaterDay! Today people around the world are advocating for better protections for fresh water. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Land Management is auctioning more parcels of Ohio's only national forest to gas and oil companies for unconventional fracking, a process that permanently removes fresh water from the water cycle and puts our waterways at risk of contamination. Call BLM Eastern States Director Mitchell Leverette today at 202-912-7700 and tell him how you feel about the agency's way of celebrating World Water Day! #keepwaynewild #waynenationalforest #nationalforest #bureauoflandmanagement #crayfish #crawfish #crawdad #waterislife #defendwhatyoulove #appalachia #midohiovalley #ohio #environmentaljustice #waterpollution #wildlifehabitat #naturalohio
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2018 has been off to a disappointingly slow start for both hiking and photography, but I’m just over a week away from a trip to southern Utah to fix both of those problems!
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Castle near the Ohio Caverns. One of the Piatt Castles.
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If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song 🎶 -Carl Perkins
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