Looking Up: Looking Out. Number 18, thinking of last light. Saying WIP, not in the resolved pile yet 🙃 ##painter #ntartist #sortasunset #colourplay #blackasacolour #abstractionist #abstractionista #memo #nowhitespace #
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올비유의 제품들이 있는 #서플러스커피 는 AM11:00 ~ PM21:00 운영됩니다💛 맛있는 커피와 디저트 드시러 서플러스커피로 가세요✔️✔️✔️ 토요일도 서플러스🤟🏻
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Thanks to all of you, who helped me alot, who talked to me, who asked me "are you alright?" And just today, you all even allow me to take a photo with you, these photo will NEVER be deleted, i promise 2 years sure goes fast, sometime i want it go really fast, but now whay? I want it to stop ;-; #TheMcAuleyCatholicHighSchool #Memo Best Of 🍀! ✌ Jack :3 P.S who i didnt tag, please tell me, and i'll tag them immediately
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¡Que taco! Al pastor y con dedito parado y todo! 😳😉. . Solo me tomo 12 años aprender a comer tacos 🌮 con el dedito meñique parado, con la salsa más picante 🌶, con la piña del pastor y sin que #Memo @memoplehn se riera porque se me caía todo 🙄. . Viaje express a #Mexico sin dejar de ir a nuestro huequito favorito #ElLagoDeLosCisnes.
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Lovely #memo and #postcards 🐻💕 かわいい❤️
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