🍒 #CarTipsDay 🍒 Often times I see guys so worked up about their car... About the miles, so worried about what people are gonna think, etc. to my fellow supercar owners it's all about the experience that completes a supercar and sets it apart from the everyday cars that we see... Crafting your own story with your supercar, that's what matters! All this value game, rush to get new cars, etc. can really get in the way of properly enjoying your car. I'll take an example of my own from a couple of years back, see when the 570GT was first released back in 2016 I went nuts over it and fortunately @mclaren.uae had been kind enough to lend me their press car for a couple of days for promotional work, now the first thing I did was park at Jumeirah beach and I opened both doors to the car, just like that... Guys to witness the excitement in people's eyes, children going crazy over just the sight of this thing and there was the moment I let a few college students over at the hotel I was staying at to rev the car and that time when there was this really old couple and their joy to be able to experience the 570GT closely, if there's one reason I'd spend a fortune on supercars would be for these memories cause you never know whom you could inspire to go on to achieve great things, have I been in faster cars than the 570GT? Most certainly but yet when I have the chance I'd still go for the 570GT just cause of the story that comes with it, my story... 📷 by @hotmobilesworld ____________________________________ #Mclaren570GT #MclarenUAE #570GT #HotMobiles
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NSX GT3 👀 🔥🔥🔥 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📸 Canon EOS M3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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All black⚫Mclaren P1, Edition 1 of 1. Swipe left for more pics 👉🏻 . Rate it 1 - 100! Follow 👉 @mens.maf for more men's lifestyle content. Owner : @mannykhoshbin Via: @persianmoneyofficial #mensmafia | #MCLARENP1 | #1OF1P1
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