Consider this your summertime reminder. {And if you don’t need one, at least watch for the stunning visuals we’ve brought you from one of our favorite summertime destinations. 🛶 We've #partnered with Nationwide to #makesafehappen this summer! ☀️ From Kalli, our ALL boys, ALL the time editor: “Look, I may be fighting a losing battle in my efforts to keep all three of my boys intact and out of major bodily harm during the summertime but at any rate, I keep on trying cuz that’s what parents do, you feel me? I’m all stocked up on sunscreen, got enough band-aids and Neosporin to cover every body part 10x over. Heck, I’ve even got ice packs, allergy meds and cortisone cream in my car first-aid kit because YOU NEVER KNOW, OKAY? Also, I’ve laminated my insurance card for easy access.” 😎 To read up on all of the safety tips, click the link in our profile! #ad
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Drains can be dangerous, make sure to install a dome-shaped cover over the drains and teach your kids not to swim too close! #MakeSafeHappen #IAFF #HPFF #MyHendersonFire
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Oregon has high temps on tap for the next week. Are you planning to go swimming, make sure to stay safe. Pool toys aren’t designed to float you to safety. Put little kids in life jackets approved by the Coast Guard. #iaffsafetytips #makesafehappen #osffc #oregon #firefighter
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As the weather heats up this week in the Portland Area, we want to remind everyone to be safe while swimming. Did you know drowning can happen in seconds. Your arms are their best protection. #makesafehappen #iaffsafetytips #oregon #swimming
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Even older kids should never swim alone, so make sure they have a swimming partner. And always designate a Water Watcher to supervise children of any age when they’re in the water. #MakeSafeHappen #watersafety
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It’s important to know how to respond in an emergency. Learning these skills just may save a life. #MakeSafeHappen #watersafety
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Before allowing kids to swim in the ocean, make sure they know how to deal with a crashing wave, currents, and riptides. #MakeSafeHappen #watersafety
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