Sometimes my inner #emokid likes to come out play. #wip #creativeflow #makeart #acryliconcanvas 🖤
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At age 3 she scared her mother shitless by jumping into a pool and she did not know how to swim, but nonetheless she was fine. Again at age five she jumped into a pool with no knowledge of how to swim but once again she was fine. She didn't know the means of how to get there but she knew what she wanted, to be in the water. Today she knows how to swim. This woman now goes through this life as that little girl jumping into what she wants without knowledge of how to get it. But she's anything but reckless and naive, every leap is one she feels deep in her bones. This woman has always known exactly what she wanted and while everyone wondered how to get it she jumped. She's struggled and she's completely fucked some things up but it was never a waist because she grew in knowledge every time. I'm excited to watch her fly because I know she won't be afraid to jump even though she still scares her mother shitless every time. #art #art#artistnstagram #artist #pai#paint/a> #paint #fem#femalest #female #feminism #create #wakethewitches #mariarosecreatives #leap #writing #writersofinstagram #watercolor #watercolorandink #makeart
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I’ve been painting these little bird houses up. They are quite a lot of fun although they take a deceivingly long amount of time to paint. I’m thinking maybe a green one next what do you think? 🤔 💚
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