So laughter is the best medicine! Thanks @ede@edentribe for sharing this good news! #Repost @edentribe with @get_repost ・・・ @marleine_bader_zumba - What makes you happy, makes you healthy. Refuse anger, it takes your life away. Even fake smiling promotes the right chemicals in the brain. Try it. Anger raises your stress and cortisol, the death hormone. Remember the good things we have in life and be thankful for them. Cultivate happiness everyday. . #tipoftheday #laughing #immunitysystem #smile #positive #staypositive #cortisol #str#stresser #stress #happiness #anger #angryAmerican #populist #rhetoric #LoveWins #abundantlife #danielplan #purposedriven #gratitude
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Help others! @simonsinek #lovewins #illpushyou #lovedoes To learn more, click the link in our bio.
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Counting Down The Days‼️ #MrsAndMrs 3 Day Bahamas Cruise, August 24th to 27th!
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RANT TIME ABOUT RECENT DRAMA Jeez seriously what's wrong with people creating drama inside your own fandom. Grow the fuck up. I don't care if you're 22 or 15, stop with the shits can you? And all of the minions behind them, fucking stop uggghh. I love you all so much but this is just really immature. 1) If she's really lying and making things up and playing victim, sure it's annoying and so attention-seeking, but let it slide? It's not hard? We don't know for sure? It's easy to be faked but it's easy too for louis to wander around? I don't fucking care just don't give it spotlight? 2) Attacking someone on your 90k account is a dick move, don't you think? Okay we get that you got the real honor sometimes ago but stop rubbing it in everyone's face just to prove yourself right, that's arrogant man. Stop trying to be so cool and so shady and so important. You all make people wouldn't want to believe things like this anymore, or make them don't wanna share if they get the chance. Both of you have armies to defend yourself and i'm seeing them everywhere, nasty nasty. Oh my goood lol it's a fight between a 9th/10th grader and a woman in her 20's, so ridiculous. I'm glad i don't know big accs owners personally, you're all smart but too fucking much.
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