“So how I look?” My bodyguard, John, lol. He walked up to the fruit stand and had me laughing ever since! He walked with me, introducing me to his friends and family, now I would like to introduce him to you all! Say Hola! • • I don’t care who you are, you can be financially stable one day and totally out of funds with poor credit the next. Watch how many of your so call friends stick around to see you out off your term oil.. so how could anyone of us turn our nose to another person that appears to be in a lessor financial class? • • • John is a very grateful man, as you see he thank God for my kind words immediately after I said them. I enjoyed his company, and he wouldn’t take any pesos from me, he said he didn’t earn it, therefore he couldn’t take it. • • • #LoveIsPatients #LoveIsKind #LoveIsUnderstanding #CureAllThings #LoveSeesNoNationality #GodIsLove #DidYouSeeMyFilterScareDude 😂😂#TransformYourMindChangeYourMind
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Sometimes understand ones love language is so important it helps you understand what two people need to feel validated in the relationship. Sometimes we get off track and we give people want we want but not what they need and small acts of love is exactly what we need to set it straight! It’s never to late to reset love or just breathe a little fresh air in it. 5 love languages is a great book to get you on your way❤️ #investment #relearninglove #5lovelanguages #garychapmanbook #blacklove #loveiskind
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My sweet sweet husband hung our pallet sign from our wedding day up in the garage! Such a sweet reminder #loveispatient #loveiskind #1corinthians13
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