Там всё ржачно, но, как показывает опыт, сильно на любителя 🤣🤣🤣 #littlebritainusa
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Never forget when Hil played a lesbian student on the sitcom Little Britain USA 10 years ago. (turn on the bright, 'cause this video is too dark) #hilarieburton #littlebritainusa #pride
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/• morning! ✨ what is a better way to start the morning then with some Little Britain action right! In this clip @dwalliams plays the Prime Minister’s (Anthony Head) personal assistant, Sebastian Love. They are at the White House because the President of the US and the Prime Minister have to talk about important stuff but Sebastian gets suspicious about the President and Prime Minister being alone in a room together. Swipe to the left to see how it ends! 💫 •\
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Ich liebe dich mehr als ... 😂😂😂 #elliegrace #littlebritain #littlebritainusa
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