6 months. Could you give yourself a 6 months to see if you get the best skin of your life? How about 60 days? Rodan + Fields offers a 60 day money back guarantee. Period. Give your face that 60 days. #lifechangingskincare #rodanandfields #reverselighteningregimen #visibleresults #60daymoneybackguarantee #bestskinofyourlife #theskinnyonskincare
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Much of life comes at us but here are some things we can control. 🔅Whether or not you plan for the weather 🔅The type of food you eat 🔅How much exercise you get 🔅How much information you get before you make a decision 🔅How quickly you try again after you fall 🔅How many new things you try 🔅How nice your are to yourself inside your head One more thing you can take control of is your skin. A Little Time and Consistency = RESULTS with Rodan + Fields Skincare I'm here to help! ❤️ Start taking control and find out your fit here 👇 https://staceyapaul.myrandf.com/ca/skin-solution-tool #lifechangingskincare #takingcontrol #lifechoices #randf #skincare #selfcare
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Head over to my Facebook group and take a guess at how many eggs are in the jar. The closest number without going over wins!!! It's that simple! Not a member of the group? Search for Rodan + Fields Australia - Monique Stuart. Good luck!!
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I mean this is the most Glorious weather! But everyone I caught up with were saying... I gotta our sunscreen on, the sun is strong! Yes! The sun in Australia is very strong & it’s deceiving when the weather is cool & breezy. You have choices & a high quality sunscreen from R+F is going to keep you protected- we’ve got lots of choices for different skin types that not only protect but improve your skin concerns at the same time! Does your sunscreen do that? Cover up today! #polocrosseworldcup2019 #sunscreen #sunprotection #momprenuer #workfromhome #skincare #skincareroutine #timefreedom #financialfreedom #lif#lifechangingskincare #selflove #dreambig #followyourdreams #anythingispossible #beyourownboss #lifechangingskincare
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“All acne is not created equal...said no one ever. Acne typically starts in pre-teen/teen years and changes as you age.” If you have a preteen/teen dealing with the nagging acne cycle, please contact me right away. 💥Rodan+Fields Skincare has developed the right dermatology-based treatment, “Spotless Regimen” that has been clinically tested and “proven” to work!! 💥Leave those OTC products right where they are...on store shelf and let me help your teen regain confidence in their fresh young skin. 💥If cost is holding you back, I will gladly work with you!! This is my business so this is what I do!! 💥We are so confident our products works that we offer a 100% “60 day money-back” refund of the retail cost (less shipping cost if there is one). Use all of your products within the 60 day guaranty period; if not happy with your results, return the empty container and receive your refund. The best offer you can get for premium skincare. #lifechangingskincare #60daymoneybackguarantee #healthyskincleanandclear #wheyouknowyoulookgoodyoufeelgood #skincareprefected🧡🧡 #IamyourpersonalSkincareConsultant💯
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. . I am sooooo guilty of this! I do not clean my brushes enough! Ever since I started to use one of my favorite products ever..Radiant Defense.. I have been better though about washing my brushes. If you take care of them, they should last you a loooooong time!! 🙌🏻 . Sooooooo reminder: keep your brushes clean to avoid breakouts, product buildup and bristle wear-out. Trust me.. it may make a huge difference. . Need some tips: Follow these steps to keep your brush fresh and long-lasting. This will work for any brush not just your RF one: http://bit.ly/2Xf3CjR . #ski#ski#skincare #bestonthemarket #moneybackguarantee #lifechangingskincare #clinicallyproven #rodanandfields #dermatology #randf #beauty #beautiful #skin #skincare #premiumskincare
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