Thanks to @art@artbyalzheimers for asking if my Mom did any art. My mom a great healer via Red Cross, is also a true artist - A great photographer, fashion designer, singer, painter, model and cooked such delicious food from around the globe that the taste still lingers. She brought cameras and art in my sister and my life. Found this photo or a true selfie, composed, setup and modeled by my Mom, clicked by her friend in 1971 on Kulu Bridge, India. Shot on her old Nikon S ( I used that camera profusely as a kid). **Feel free to repost @artbyalzheimers I will have access to more of her art when I am back in India. Thank you🙏 #endalz #kickalzintheballz #loveyoumom #myhero
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Cihanbeyli/kütukusagi📍 Gene cok degerli bi sesle sizinleyiz kutugo'dan @nedimdag1978 --BE TE NABIM📹🎬👏🌹❤😊🙏👌 . . . . @kurdenatolianawin #kul#kulu #cihanbeyli #yeniceoba #kutugo #omaro #xalko #kulu ##hacilaro#kelhasan #cutko #haymana #zincirlikuyu #tavsancali #celep #kandil #beskavak #bulduk
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Today is Saturday, April 20th, 2019 and mahina will rise at 8:32pm (O‘ahu). She is starting to look Kulu now at 5:27am (sheʻs setting in a couple hours) and should look Kulu at moonrise tonight.  While Māhealani is just beginning to soften on her top right side, Kulu distinctly appears to be waning.  Another quality of Kulu is that it is often the first mahina to rise after twilight. ○ As a group of ten, the poepoe moons are the round moons.  In practice, some would describe each moon after Hoku as ho‘ēmi or waning.  Today, the textual version of the tradition that most people are being exposed to is step one.  To completely open up to the kilo practice is to step into the world of the ancients.  Their world is overflowing with contextual experiences and perceptions that take an enormous amount of energy to explain. ○ On your re-learning journey you may be at that stage where you are seeing how different mahina timing is.  The kilo mahina world is going to challenge your reliance on text as a learning tool.  During a kūkākūkā with Aunty Dawn Mukai of na_mea_hawaii and we were going over the amazingly designed calendars that most are familiar with.  They differ, as they should.  Some are Hoku Moon oriented and others are Muku/Hilo moon oriented. ○ The timing system being used here (these posts) is Hilo moon oriented and follows a counting system where all the moons are included.  This helps when designing planners, but has gotten to the point where we are going next step- just do a flat out kilo planner.  What this means is that the actual kilo system of what you will see is going to be put in planner form.  People invested in kilo know that the moon is dynamic and can be described using two names on the same journey.  In other words by kilo description she may rise Māhealani and set Kulu.  This takes a long time to design, but gotta go next step... ○ #oahu #hawaii #navigation #mahina #hina #fullmoon #ka‘ananiau #kāne #wahine #kulu #kaaona #cancer #aries #aloha #astrology #astronomy #moon #wai #sun #star #ハワイ #オアフ #マヒナ #水 #月#ヒーリング
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