Caption this 😁 . This is one of my absolute favorite Frian photos and I just ADORE Freddie's face and his "what the f*** he's doing with that guitar?" attitude 😂🔥😍 . I could caption this in a million different ways cause it just beckons to me ...but instead I'm gonna leave it to you to have fun with it...CAPTION 😎 . Please follow me: -@queen_0.09
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* 今朝、久しぶりにQUEENのLINE公式アカウントから通知が来ました。ボヘミアン・ラプソディーが11月に日本公開決定🎬✨待ってました!ぜひ観に行くぞ👊 * ところで、ハリーポッターのスタンプ購入したんだけど、ドラコ・マルフォイはロジャー・テイラーに似ているような気がしなくもない(笑) #Queen #BohemianRhapsodyMovie #BrianMay #RogerTaylor #JohnDeacon #FreddieMercury #movie #クイーン #ボヘミアンラプソディー #ブライアンメイ #ロジャーテイラー #ジョンディーコン #フレディマーキュリー #ハリーポッターと賢者の石 #ドラコマルフォイ #なんか似てる気がする #4枚目が本人 #5枚目は推しメン
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This is one of my favorite Froger photos...there's something very candid and intimate about it that makes you wonder what they were so deep in thought about... . There's also something in Freddie's face and his far off look that makes me miss him infinitely with every cell in my body 😩❤ . 📷 Freddie & Roger in 1986 by @nealprestonphoto . Please follow me: -@queen_0.06
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Timelapse from the video booth of Queen + @adamlambert full show in Las Vegas, 24th June 2017 (by 'THE' Steve Price) • Please follow me: -@queen_0.02
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💥You're My Best Friend💥 . On May 18th 1976, exactly 42 years ago today, Queen released "You're My Best Friend" as a single from A Night at the Opera album. . ✨Written by John Deacon, the song is for his wife Veronica Tetzlaff who has been the mother of his six children and his best friend for "such a long time." . ✨Deacon wrote the song on a Wurlitzer electric piano while playing additional bass guitar work. The characteristic "bark" of the Wurlitzer's bass notes plays a prominent role in the song. During live performances, the band used a grand piano rather than an electric, and it would be played by Freddie Mercury, while Deacon played the bass guitar just like in the original recording. . ✨The music video, directed by Bruce Gowers, shows the band in a huge ballroom surrounded by over one thousand candles, including a huge chandelier hung from the ceiling. The video was filmed in April 1976 at Elstree Studios, London. Additionally, Deacon is seen playing a grand piano rather than the Wurlitzer he used on the recording. . ✨Here's John & Freddie's comments on the song composition: . John Deacon: "Well, Freddie didn't like the electric piano, so I took it home and I started to learn on the electric piano and basically that's the song that came out you know when I was learning to play piano. It was written on that instrument and it sounds best on that. You know, often on the instrument that you wrote the song on.” . Freddie Mercury: “I refused to play the damn thing [the Wurlitzer]. It's tinny and horrible and I don't like them. Why play those things when you've got a lovely superb grand piano? No, I think, basically what he [John] is trying to say is it was the desired effect." . 👉P.S. Freddie's sweet voice and his hand position on that mic just melts me ❤😩🔥 . Please follow me: -@queen_0.007
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It's A Hard Life - video shoot, 1984. Photo by Simon Fowler • Please follow me: -@queen_0.04
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‪Innuendo has been listed at No.31 of ‘The Real 100 Greatest Albums Of The 90s’ by @ClassicRockMag - “Lavish, lush and thick with pomp and guitar.”‬ Please follow me: -@queen_0.00
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@thisismetropolis, 1990. Photo by Simon Fowler • Please follow me: -@queen_0.05
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