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Can ya'll cut the bullshit with 'this person blocked me for no reason"? Nobody blocks anyone for no reason. You obviously said or did something to piss them off so don't get mad at them for a problem you caused yourself. If ya'll wouldn't be so disrespectful then it wouldn't be an issue. If Andy, Ashley, Jake, Jinxx, CC, Juliet, or Inna block you they did it for a reason so don't lie. You're the one who was in the wrong not them. They just didn't want to deal with your bullshit. You can't blame them for blocking you, you did something wrong and they weren't having it. Maybe it will teach you to keep some shit to yourself or learn how to be respectful. It doesn't matter if you claim to be their biggest fan or how ridiculous it is, that doesn't change anything. No one else is responsible for your actions except you. No one has to put up with the bs ya'll put these people through. You have no right to blame them for blocking you when you deserved it. ~♥️🖤☠️ 👄🥀 @andyblack @ashleypurdyinc @jakepittsbvb @jinxxed4life @ceesespieces @thejulietsimms @realinnapitts #andybiersack #andybiersacksupport #ashleypurdy #ashleypurdysupport #jakepitts #jakepittssupport #jinxxbvb #jinxxsupport #ccbvb #ccsupport #julietsimms #julietsimmssupport #innapitts #innapittssupport
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