When she tries to get you to vote her way / Watch the full episode at SorryAri.com / Directed by @karlgirolamo Written by and Starring @arifrenkel Also Starring @mollyjmccook who you can catch in the upcoming seasons of @lastmanstandingfox & @goodtrouble 🌟🌟🌟
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power couple 2018 #imwithher #2dads
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When your girlfriend is an artist and she makes you amazing art! #bassplayer #mixedmedia #sheswiththebassplayer #imwithher #shesanartist
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Oohhhhkayyy, here we go ☆ ☆ I'm sure, even in passing, you've heard, "Girls are so mean." "Girls can be so nasty." People who say this are generally referring to how girls treat eachother. This usually starts around middle school. The "bite before you're bitten" mentality. We are taught to view other women as a threat or competition to one another. We are even taught to believe we are superior or inferior to other females by tearing eachother down. Ive done it, and I've been a victim of it. We make it so easy for others to look down on us, because we do it to eachother. I believe to show love and kindness to a fellow woman is to love yourself. We are one. We are all connected through the struggles and miracles that come with being a woman. That is pretty damn cool. We all have different backgrounds but same ultimate goals as a gender. It's pretty clear I'm a feminist (Hello. Hi), because I believe in the equality of men and women on all fronts. This is NOT a "females are superior" notion. It is a pinky promise, a vow to my fellow women out there. That I support you, I believe you, I'm with you, and I promise to build you up. I love myself, therefore I love you. Women are doing badass things today, let's support eachother in our badass endeavours, it's the only way to keep it at an upward trajectory. ☆ "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." -Madeleine K. Albright ☆ Also shout out to @jettaturas a badass who is responsible for this beautiful tattoo ☆ #girlgang #sisterhood #imwithher #feminism #girlpower #girlswithtattos #sorrymomanddadbutwhatdidyouexpect #youraisedme
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Cough** Hilary Clinton **cough cough #imwithher
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