If you fancy getting this hot and sweaty with me three times a week, sign yourself up for our next @sig@sigma_bear_pt Bodyweight Reboot Programme! This is a 4 week holistic reboot to either get your body back on track, boost your performance or help you lose weight. For just £60 you get what is essentially a 5 week programme. This entire online programme is set around making this healthy lifestyle choice work around you and your busy lifestyle, and can all be performed in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are. Week 1: Nutrition Weeks 2-5: Combining that first week with a variety of workouts that all fit into a busy lifestyle Our first two programmes have yielded great results in such a supportive environment. Our next one begins this Monday, 26th March. So if you want to get involved DM/PM me for info and I'll hook you up with the main man himself @sigma_bear_pt, or if you just want to hand over your cash now! YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE!
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SWEAT FIT BLAST:TRAIN HARD FOR IT💪 It's #FITNESS #SWEAT #FRIDAY 👊The perfect workout will have you burning calories and toning up your body. 👊Whether it's #Cardio #Hiit #Kickboxing or #Boxing giving your body to burn calories is a great way to stay healthy and fit. 👊Checkout this workout that can be done today or during the weekend. 👊As an added bonus, checkout these additional workouts, to keep the tight and toned #Workout #workoutmotivation #Sweat #Gymlife
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Well done to the girls this morning, up and getting it done @laura_marco & @littlelaus 🤸🏽‍♀️👊🏼 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #summerready #healthyliving #hiit #hiittraining #girlworkout #summermotivation #getstarted 💕
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fantastic HIIT circuit class , 7.00am monday to friday#sunrise #hiit #love#family #tattoo
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The early bird catches the worm! Dragged myself out of my pit for my 5th and final workout of the week, having a cheat evening tonight with my best pals, and want to limit any damage! Plus I'm extra motivated because I'm seeing some real changes to my body shape in this cycle and loving it, PB on shoulder presses this morning too 😁 who else is working out to start their day?
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#Repost @dougintolife with @get_repost ・・・ . 👨🏻‍🍳 #digintoabs 🦃 . 1️⃣A. MB Slam 1️⃣B. Band Mountain Climbers 1️⃣C. Seated Alternating MB Slams 1️⃣D. Lying Cycle Crunch w/ MB Hold 1️⃣E. MB Crunch ⏰Work: 30-45 Sec 😴Rest: None 🔁Sets: 4-6 . 🔴Band: @NeeBooFit ➖ 🧠 Why do you fall back into old patterns? . 🎲 You want to change and the key to everything is mindset, right? So you decide you’re going to do things differently, you’re actually going to stick to it this time. . 🍪 Then what happens? Maybe after a day, a week, or month the old patterns slide back in. Don’t start with your behaviors, start with who you are as a person. . 🍯 When you say you’re going to change your mindset, that’s a left brained analytic thought. The problem is 95% of our habits and our subconscious identity is found in the right brain. . ❌ You’re trying to change yourself using the 5% part of your brain and not the 95%. Of course you’re going slide back into old habits. You need to identify as someone who workouts or eats better. . 🚀 People who workout just do it. It’s just a part of them. They don’t think about it. . ☃️ That’s why I say you need to be an active part of the process by submerging yourself. You can’t just get a meal plan and a workout program and go off. . 🎧 The above was taken from @jameswedmore interview with Jim Fortin. It’s reminded me of @drdrewpinksy thoughts on change. He says you need to become disgusted with yourself and you need to look at yourself through a different lens. . ❤️ Thanks for the recommendation @garagefitnessgirl . . #workouts#exercises#onlinetrainer#onlinetrainer#hiit#workoutvideos#workoutvids#fitnessvideos#fitnessvids#bbg#tiu#bbgprogress#equinox#orangetheoryfitness#retrofitness#24hourfitness#anytimefitness#onlinetraining#fitnesstips#fitnessblog#fitnessblogger . .
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You know it’s a good workout when you contemplate setting your alarm for 5.35am in your holidays just to work out with these girls. 🤔🤣 #teacherlife #easterholidays @j0j01904 @laalen64 @scottrachperth1 @joddaz @gowri129 @tash.morrey @angelab7257 @oliviarolfs * * * * * A strong end to the week with an extremely sweaty foxtrot class @f45kingston. 💦😅💪 Thanks to @fiona.crossley and @iamzoejonespt for all the motivation throughout the class.
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