A little bit of Monday Motivation for you all 🙌🏻 .
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“That’s not fair! I did what you asked!” Danger is frustrated. We decided to follow the @calebmaddix strategy and offer up $20 for every personal development book he reads. And submits a report. Alas, the report is the rub. . . Anyone can “read” a book, but convincing your mama you learned something? A bit of a task. “Convince me you actually read it, Jacob. Teach me something.” . . . more middle school angst . . . The final report was not stellar by any stretch, but he did introduce the topic (thank you Susan Avery Charles Avery for the awesome book!), make some good points, back them up, and give me a good solid conclusion. Dig deeper next time. Done deal! Has anyone else embarked on this kind of thing? Can you recommend a title or two? Looking for spiritual, life, or business strategies for young people. #lovedanger #workingitout #workinprogress #growth #youth #goodatlife #goodkid #middleschool
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Did someone tell you the love you today? Well, I love you 🤟🏾
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