I still can’t believe I finished my last collegiate golf tournament yesterday. It still doesn’t seem real. I am going to miss these girls so much! I cant thank my teammates enough for making my college experience so wonderful, and my family and friends for supporting me through it all. Now on to the next adventure 💃🏽 #gobuffs
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Spring is wrapping up. Summer training just around the corner! Let’s keep working, keep getting better! Finals this week, then we get into camp! Great to be a Buff! #hillyeah #trusttheprocess #gobuffs
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Here’s some of the stage shots from last night Jr USA’s. Took home 3rd place. Happy with the outcome and excited for the growth to come in the future! This was a very well organized show so thank you to everyone who put this show on. Was a blessing getting the opportunity to be on stage with some of the future IFBB pro’s. I’m gonna work and won’t stop working til I’m the best so I’m comin for you guys😏💪💯🏆
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couldn’t be prouder 💓 #classof2018 #gobuffs
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2nd place - awarded two beers and a pint glass. I’ll take it 🍻#trilife #gobuffs
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