BBQ 152 not only rhymes, it's very aptly named (near rt 152 in Gilroy). This joint is about 2 hours south on the 101 from San Francisco. Stopped here on the way back from a camping trip. This place is pretty good! Nothing was bad and I give it a solid 7/8 (above average). Brisket was very good, just needed a little more flavor either in the way of a little more fat or more rub. Pork shoulder was very good as well and extremely delicious. The ribs were the only thing that needed to be improved. Tasted fine, but could taste better. They were also a little undercooked and not too tender. Sides were solid as well. Potato salad and Cole slaw both excellent. Being in Gilroy (garlic capitol of the world), garlic bread was served instead of white bread. A+ on that. Scores (appearance/tenderness/taste) Brisket 7/8/8 Pork ribs 7/7/7 Pork shoulder 7/8/8 #bbq #gilroy
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Athlete: a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. #community #gilroy
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