Please swipe for more 👉🏼. I moved from Europe to America in 2007 and it took me a while to get adjusted to the food and drug culture here in the States. Over the years I’ve learned to be my own doctor and read labels. I taught my kids at a young age and they know what to look for. I’ve tried educating folks around me but most of them are stubborn and buy into the American lie. Will prob start posting more of these type of videos. #genetically#engeneered#food#chemicals#and#toxins#in#our#food#fda#europe#america#food
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#UK #Ethics #Council Says It’s ‘#Morally #Permissible’ to #Create #Genetically #Modified #Babies’s-‘morally-permissible’-to-create-genetically-modified-babies
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The out of Africa theory has been officially debunked. For example, Mr. Wade explained, tribes that have been nomads into modern times do not adapt well to settled life. The Kalahari Bushmen think of animals only as game, not as livestock, so if someone gives them goats to tend, they eat them. Australian aborigines have not adapted well, either. The Yanomano of the Amazon are notoriously violent, not just against outsiders but among themselves. According to one anthropologist, Yanomamo men who have killed someone in battle have 2.5 more children than those who have not. The means the Yamomano are evolving towards more violence, not less. Mr. Wade emphasizes that behavior of this kind is influenced by #genes , although only a few alleles that affect social behavior have been found. One is MAO-A, the “warrior gene,” variants of which are clearly associated with a hair-trigger temper and violence. This, in fact, is Mr. Wade’s boldest assertion: that different races behave differently because they are #gen#genetic different and #genetic differences give rise to differences in social institutions. He is at pains to argue that the genetic differences are small—so small that they are almost undetectable at the individual level—but that once a group has been nudged even slightly in a particular genetic direction it may be receptive to institutions that completely change the nature of society. Mixing ethnic groups is hard enough when the groups are equally talented; strains on social harmony are far greater when certain groups are consistently more successful than others. Prof. Roth devotes three chapters to explaining racial differences in ability and how they came about, and offers a good summary of the effect climate had on selecting for intelligence. These evolved racial differences pose special challenges for multiracial societies. More here: IMG20180706 #Photographer
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